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Pioneering New and Better Ways to Treat Brain Tumors

How far would you travel to receive brain tumor treatment from some of the world's best brain tumor specialists? The field of neurosurgery has never held more promise than it does right now -- and for the past 25 years, Johns Hopkins Medicine has been at the forefront of discovery and innovation in neurosurgery.

For as far you are willing to travel, the experts of the Johns Hopkins Brain Tumor Center in Baltimore, Maryland, will go just as far to find the best outcome for your complex condition. Your journey for the best medical care starts here with:

  • Minimally invasive techniques
  • Tailored therapies
  • Groundbreaking research -- either invented or perfected at Hopkins.

In the Brain Tumor Center, our neurosurgeons are not just clinical experts, they are also researchers who never stop searching for insight into the causes of malignant and benign brain tumors, for better knowledge of symptoms, and, most importantly, for new treatments for all types of brain tumors to give you the best possible chance at recovery.

That’s the Promise of Medicine.

Renowned surgeons, advanced technology for brain tumor surgery

Performing more than 4,000 procedures annually, our world-renowned neurosurgeons have the dedication, experience, and expertise that helped earn them and their colleagues the #1 ranking for a neurology and neurosurgery program in the country by U.S. News and World Report.

While surgery is the most common treatment for brain tumors, our approach to surgery is not. Our techniques enable our surgeons to go deeper inside the brain to deliver lifesaving treatment to the tumor site, or to remove malignant tumors altogether.

We uniquely tailor each patient's care based on their diagnosis, condition, and personal needs. And our patients have access to the latest surgical advances which are only offered in a few facilities worldwide.

These advances include image-guided technology and stereotactic radiosurgery -- including the CyberKnife® -- which target tumors and minimize damage to surrounding tissue.

Treating all types of brain tumors

Johns Hopkins is the leading treatment center for the more than 120 types of brain tumors, including:

  • Acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma)
  • Astrocytoma brain tumor
  • Frontal lobe brain tumor
  • Glioblastoma brain tumor
  • Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain tumor
  • Meningioma brain tumor
  • Metastasized brain tumor
  • Pituitary tumor
  • Skull base tumor

Groundbreaking discoveries for brain cancer treatments

We never stop searching for new ways to treat brain tumors:

  • We have been a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated Comprehensive Cancer Institute since 1973, with active programs in clinical research, laboratory research, education, community outreach, and more.
  • We originated the concept of a multi-disciplinary staffed neurocritical care unit (NCCU). Staffed by neurologists, neurosurgeons, neurocritical care anesthesiologists, nurse practitioners, and critical care nurses, the NCCU offers patients who have undergone surgery the best possible care.
  • We are the minds behind two of the only FDA-approved treatments for malignant brain tumors (Gliadel® and GliaSite) and novel drug-delivery systems that can bypass the usually protective blood-brain barrier. 
  • Our researchers are focused on new treatments for brain cancer, including immunotherapies and vaccines that can prevent the beginnings of tumor development or halt their growth.

Let us help you

If you have received a diagnosis of brain cancer, trust that the experts at Johns Hopkins Medicine will go as far as it takes to treat your complex condition, guiding you from the moment you call and in every step along the journey.

When it comes to your life, distance should never be a factor.  We can make your journey to us as easy as possible.  Johns Hopkins USA, our complimentary medical concierge team, can answer questions, make arrangements for you and your family, and connect you with the care you need.

They will help you:

  • Schedule medical appointments with the right specialists
  • Make travel, lodging and transportation arrangements
  • Know what to bring and what to expect
For more information about Johns Hopkins USA, to schedule an appointment, or for help making travel arrangements, please call toll free:  .

Within the United States:
International: +1-443-287-6080

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Date: 02/07/2011