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Profile Results for Transverse Myelitis

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  • Carlos A Pardo-Villamizar, M.D.

    Multiple Sclerosis, Neurology, Transverse Myelitis Profile Menu + Appointments...

    Dr. Pardo's interest in transverse myelitis centers on management of acute myelitis, biomarkers of the disease in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and blood, and the role of neuroimmune factors in the pathogenesis of myelopathies.Along with others neurologi...
  • Scott Douglas Newsome, D.O.

    Stiff Person Syndrome, Transverse Myelitis Research Interests Identifying...

    Dr. Scott Newsome specializes in the care of patients with neuroimmunological and neuroinflammatory disorders of the central nervous system. He has special interest in evaluating and treating patients with multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, neu...
  • Daniel Becker, M.D.

    Spinal Cord Injury, Transverse Myelitis Research Interests Spinal...

    Dr. Becker is a board-certified neurologist who earned his Medical Degree from Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg, Germany in 2001. From 2001 to 2003, he was a Research Assistant in Neuroscience investigating the role of embryonic stem cells in ...
  • Adam Ian Kaplin, M.D., Ph.D.

    Multiple Sclerosis Center Transverse Myelitis Center Education Degrees...

    Dr. Adam Kaplin is a neuropsychiatrist in Baltimore, caring for patients with central nervous system (CNS) neuroinflammatory diseases, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and related MS spectrum diseases. As one of the few psychiatrists in the U.S. who s...
  • Arun Venkatesan, M.D., Ph.D.

    Sclerosis, Neurology, Sarcoidosis, Transverse Myelitis Research Interests Understanding...

    Dr. Arun Venkatesan serves as Director of the Johns Hopkins Encephalitis Center, where he directs clinical activities and research.  At the center he has developed a multidisciplinary program devoted to optimizing diagnosis and management of pat...
  • Thomas Owen Crawford, M.D.

    Pediatric Neurology Center Transverse Myelitis Center Education Degrees...

    Dr. Tom Crawford has been a member of the Department of Neurology since 1987. He is co-director of the MDA clinic for Neuromuscular Disorders and Neurologist for the Ataxia Telangiectasia Clinical Center at Johns Hopkins. His practice involves genera...
  • Philippe Edmond Gailloud, M.D.

    Disorders, Center for Transverse Myelitis Center Education Degrees...

    Dr. Philippe Gailloud is an Associate Professor in the Johns Hopkins Medicine Department of Radiology and Radiological Science, Department of Neurology and Department of Neurological Surgery.Among his main areas of specialization are the development ...
  • Deanna Rae Saylor, M.D., M.H.S.

    including multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, and encephalitis. Dr...

    Dr. Saylor is a neuro-infectious diseases and neuroimmunology specialist with special interest in the neurological complications of HIV infection.  Her clinical interests also include other infectious and inflammatory diseases of the brain and s...
  • Elias S Sotirchos, M.D.

    Optica, Optic Neuritis, Transverse Myelitis Profile Menu + Appointments...

    Elias Sotirchos, M.D., specializes in the diagnosis, management and treatment of neuroimmunological disorders that involve the central nervous system, including multiple sclerosis (MS), neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD), and myelin oligo...
  • Paul Jordan Christo, M.D.

    Journal of The Transverse Myelitis Assoc. 2007; April...

    Dr. Paul Jordan Christo is an associate professor of anesthesiology and critical care medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He specializes in treating patients with persistent pain in the spine, cancer pain, neuropathic pain, s...
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