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Doctor Results for Pediatric Neurosurgery

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  • Alan R Cohen, M.D.

    Spiro Professor of Pediatric NeurosurgeryProfessor of NeurosurgeryProfessor of OncologyProfessor of PediatricsDepartments / Divisions Neurosurgery - Pediatric Neurosurgery Oncology - Brain Cancer Pediatrics EducationDegrees MD, Cornell...

    Dr. Cohen is the director of the Johns Hopkins Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery and the Carson-Spiro Professor of Pediatric Neurosurgery. He treats all pediatric patients, with a focus on brain tumors. Dr. Cohen sees patients at the Johns Hopk...
  • George Issa Jallo, M.D.

    IBPS)Professor of NeurosurgeryProfessor of OncologyProfessor of PediatricsDepartments / Divisions Neurosurgery - Pediatric Neurosurgery Oncology Pediatrics - Neurology Centers & Institutes...

    George Jallo, M.D., is medical director of the Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital for Institute Brain Protection Sciences (IBPS) and clinical practice director of Pediatric Neurosurgery and joined the team in September 2015. This new multidiscipli...
  • Shenandoah Robinson, M.D.

    the Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. moreTitlesProfessor of NeurosurgeryProfessor of NeurologyProfessor of PediatricsDepartments / Divisions Neurology Neurosurgery - Pediatric Neurosurgery Pediatrics EducationDegrees MD, Northwestern...

    A nationally recognized expert in the treatment of epilepsy and spasticity, Dr. Robinson comes to Johns Hopkins from Harvard, where she was associate professor of neurosurgery and neurology. Dr. Robinson was director of functional neurosurgery at Bos...
  • Eric Michael Jackson, M.D.

    moreTitlesAssociate Professor of NeurosurgeryDepartments / Divisions Neurosurgery - Pediatric Neurosurgery EducationDegrees MD, University...

    Dr. Jackson specializes in the evaluation and treatment of patients with a broad range of neurosurgical disorders, including congenital malformations of the brain and spine, hydrocephalus (including endoscopic treatment), chiari malformation, cranios...
  • Justin Michael Caplan, M.D.

    moreCVTitlesAssistant Professor of NeurosurgeryDepartments / Divisions Neurosurgery - Endovascular Neurosurgery Centers & Institutes Acoustic...

    Dr. Caplan specializes in the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders of the brain, head, neck and spine, such as aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, arteriovenous fistulas, moyamoya disease, carotid artery stenosis and stroke. He is dual fellowsh...
  • Mari Louise Groves, M.D.

    moreTitlesAssistant Professor of NeurosurgeryDepartments / Divisions Neurosurgery - Pediatric Neurosurgery Surgery at Suburban...

    Dr. Groves is a pediatric neurosurgeon who treats children with brain and spinal cord tumors, Chiari Malformations, myelomeningocele, spacticity and epilepsy. She also focuses on spinal deformity and spinal oncology.
  • Jon David Weingart, M.D.

    Disease, Neuro-Oncology, Neurosurgery, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Pituitary Tumors, Primary...

    Dr. Jon Weingart focuses on the surgical treatment of brain tumors including benign and malignant tumors. Dr. Weingart also specializes in spinal disorders, such as cervical and lumbar disc disease, as well as other congenital and developmental abnor...
  • Mark Gregory Luciano, M.D., Ph.D.

    Brem Professor in NeurosurgeryProfessor of NeurosurgeryProfessor of Biomedical EngineeringProfessor of PediatricsDepartments / Divisions Biomedical Engineering Neurosurgery Pediatrics EducationDegrees MD, University...

    Dr. Mark Luciano is the director of the Johns Hopkins Cerebral Fluid Center. A renowned leader in treating hydrocephalus, Dr. Luciano is distinguished both nationally and internationally for his research and educational and clinical work in neuroendo...
  • Kenneth Jay Cohen, M.D.

    read moreTitlesClinical Director Pediatric OncologyDirector, Pediatric Neuro-OncologyProfessor of OncologyProfessor of PediatricsDepartments / Divisions Oncology - Pediatric Oncology Pediatrics Centers & Institutes Johns...

    Dr. Cohen is Director of Pediatric Neuro-Oncology and Clinical Director of the Division of Pediatric Oncology at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins. He received his undergraduate degree at Brown University and&nb...
  • Allan Joel Belzberg, M.D.

    Heuer Professor of NeurosurgeryCo-Director, Kennedy Krieger Pediatric Nerve Injury ProgramProfessor of NeurosurgeryDepartments / Divisions Neurosurgery Centers & Institutes Comprehensive...

    Dr. Allan Belzberg is a neurosurgeon specializing in surgery of the peripheral nervous system. As Director of Peripheral Nerve Surgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, he treats tumors including schwannoma, neurofibroma and nerve sheath tumor. Dr. Belz...
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