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  • Peju Olajide Adekoya, M.D.

    Expertise Anesthesiology, Botox Injections, Chronic Pain, Comprehensive Pain Treatment, Epidural Injections, Intra-Articular Joint Injections, Ketamine Infusions, Kyphoplasty...

  • Dermot Patrick Maher, M.D., M.S.

    Pain, Chronic Pain, Epidural Injections, Joint Injections, Neuropathic Pain, Pain...

    Dermot Maher, M.D., M.S., is the medical director of pain management at Sibley Memorial Hospital, as well as an assistant professor of anesthesiology and critical care medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Maher also serves...
  • Andrew Manuel Nava, M.D.

    Degenerative Disc Disease, Epidural Injections, Joint Injections, Lumbar Degenerative Disease...

    Andrew Nava, M.D., is an assistant professor in the Johns Hopkins Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. His clinical focus is on treating patients with a variety of pain conditions, including spinal stenosis, radiculopathy, spinal athro...
  • Daniel Raphael Aaron Sova, M.D.

    Regional Pain Syndrome, Epidural Injections, Image-Guided Interventional Procedures, Joint Injections, Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Myofascial...

    Daniel Sova, M.D., is a rehabilitation physician specializing in adult and pediatric pain and musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, radiculopathy, neuropathy, myofascial pain and degenerative disc disease. He uses a range of therapi...
  • Brian Gregory Johnson, M.D.

    Endovascular Stent Grafts, Epidural Injections, Fibroids, Hepatobilary Interventions...

    Dr. Brian G. Johnson is the chief of interventional radiology at Sibley Memorial Hospital. He is board certified in diagnostic radiology and vascular and interventional radiology. Dr. Johnson practices out of Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D...
  • Edward Joseph Bernacki, M.D.

    Implications of Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections after Lumbar Surgery...

    Dr. Bernacki holds several titles within Johns Hopkins, specifically, Professor of Medicine, Director of the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and Executive Director of Health, Safety and Environment. He is also Chairman of the John...
  • Akhil Chhatre, M.D.

    Associated with Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections in a Septuagenarian...

    Dr. Akhil Chhatre is an assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation and neurological surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He is director of spine rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins.Dr. Chhatre sees and treats adult...
  • Shravani Durbhakula, M.D.

    pain procedures from epidural steroid injections to radiofrequency ablations...

    Dr. Shravani Durbhakula joined the faculty of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Division of Pain Medicine, in 2017.  She sees patients at the Johns Hopkins Hospital Blaustein Pain Treatment Center in East Baltimore as a member of the Departm...
  • Majid Aziz Khan, M.B.B.S., M.D.

    of the sacrum, epidural steroid injections, facet and transforaminal...

    Dr. Majid Khan is a board-certified Radiologist with a certificate of added qualification (CAQ) in Neuroradiology and is Director, Non-Vascular Spine Intervention at Johns Hopkins University hospitals. Dr. Khan graduated from University of Kashmir, I...
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