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  • David Bradford Cohen, M.D., M.P.H.

    Spine Disease, Disc Pain, Herniated Disc, Kyphosis...

    Dr. David Cohen is an assistant professor of orthopaedic surgery at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. His areas of clinical expertise include spine and back disorders, spinal injuries and cervical degenerative disc disease and injury.Dr. Cohen ea...
  • John Henry Wilckens, M.D.

    in the Perioperative Pain Management of Orthopaedic...Selection." J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2013

    John Wilckens, M.D., is a sports medicine specialist who treats patients with a variety of sports injuries and orthopaedic conditions, including baseball injuries, running injuries and shoulder problems.Dr. Wilckens serves as the medical director of ...
  • Brian Gregory Johnson, M.D.

    Fistulas (AVF), Back Pain, Bone Tumors, Cryoablation...

    Dr. Brian G. Johnson is the chief of interventional radiology at Sibley Memorial Hospital. He is board certified in diagnostic radiology and vascular and interventional radiology. Dr. Johnson practices out of Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D...
  • Edward George McFarland, M.D.

    Elbow UCL Reconstruction, Joint Replacement, Orthopaedic Shoulder...

    Dr. Edward G. McFarland is a professor of orthopaedic surgery at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He is the Wayne H. Lewis Professor of Orthopaedics and Shoulder Surgery and serves as director of the Division of Shoulder Surgery. He specializes ...
  • Mary Catherine Beach, M.D., M.P.H.

    She holds a joint appointment in health...Greater Burden of Pain in Sickle Cell

    Mary Catherine Beach is a professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She holds a joint appointment in health, behavior and society at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Dr. Beach is a former&...
  • Edward Joseph Bernacki, M.D.

    Johns Hopkins Institutions Joint Committee for Health...

    Dr. Bernacki holds several titles within Johns Hopkins, specifically, Professor of Medicine, Director of the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and Executive Director of Health, Safety and Environment. He is also Chairman of the John...
  • George J Dover, M.D.

    leading to severe pain and so-called...decrease the excruciating pain of sickling crises

    George J. Dover, M.D., is the former director of the Department of Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and former pediatrician-in-chief of the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.Former director of the division of pediatri...
  • Geoffrey Martin Dreher, D.O.

    tendon, ligament and joint conditions. Dr. Dreher...injuries and leg pain. Dr. Dreher earned

    Geoffrey Dreher, D.O., is a primary care sports medicine specialist seeing patients in the Baltimore metropolitan area. His clinical expertise includes acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries, sports-related concussions, ultrasound-guided procedur...
  • Allen Ray Sing Chen, M.D., M.H.S., Ph.D.

    Health Care Agencies. Joint Commission Journal on...Kost-Byerly S. Pain Management for Children

    Chen's primary area of research focuses on bone marrow transplantation (BMT), a highly complex and specialized aspect of pediatric oncology that, in recent years, has become an accepted form of therapy for an increasingly broad range of cancers. In a...
  • Colleen Gorman Koch, M.D., M.S., M.B.A.

    Dr. Koch held joint appointments in the...on the Blaustein Pain Board of Directors

    Colleen Koch, MD, MS, MBA, FACC, FAHA is the Mark C. Rogers Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine and Anesthesiologist-in-Chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Koch received her medical degree from University of Cincinnati in 1987, a ...
  • Victoria Lynn Handa, M.D.

    She holds a joint appointment in the...Handa VL. Pelvic Pain and mode of

    Dr. Victoria Handa is the director of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. She is also a professor in the Johns Hopkins Medicine Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics and director of the Women’s...
  • Robert H Brown, M.D., M.P.H.

    fellowship in chronic pain at Johns Hopkins...

    Dr. Robert H. Brown is a professor of anesthesiology and critical care medicine, environmental health sciences, medicine and radiology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His areas of clinical expertise include anesthesiology.Dr. Brow...
  • Henry Brem, M.D.

    establish a Neurosurgery Pain Research Institute at...

    Dr. Henry Brem has developed new tools and techniques that have changed the field of neurosurgery. Dr. Brem carried out the pivotal clinical study that introduced navigational imaging into the neurosurgical suite.  His work led to the FDA's appr...
  • John Victor Ingari, M.D.

    Romeo N. Basal Joint Arthroplasty and Radial...What Causes Elbow Pain? | Q&A with

    Dr. John (Jack) Ingari is an orthopedic surgeon in Baltimore, MD, specializing in hand surgery and elbow surgery.Dr. Ingari served as a chairman and flight commander at an air force medical center, where he was responsible for the manning, budget, an...
  • Scott David Lifchez, M.D.

    Selective Thumb Carpometacarpal Joint Denervation for Painful Arthritis: Clinical Outcomes...

    Dr. Scott D. Lifchez is an associate professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery and orthopaedic surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He serves as director of Hand Surgery Service and section chief of Plastic Surgery at the...
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