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  • Tanya Joelle Williams McDonald, M.D., Ph.D.

    years) Female Expertise Epilepsy, Epilepsy and Pregnancy, Neurology...

    Dr. Tanya J. W. McDonald focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy and seizures. Her specific interests include dietary therapies for adults with epilepsy, evaluations for seizure surgery and epilepsy in women (including considerations durin...
  • Peter Wolfe Kaplan, M.B.B.S.

    Expertise Clinical Neurophysiology, Epilepsy, Epilepsy and Pregnancy, Neurology...

    Dr. Peter Kaplan is Professor of Neurology and serves as the Director of Epilepsy and EEG at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. He focuses on epilepsy, clinical neurophysiology and nonconvulsive status epilepticus. He has written extensively about...
  • Joon-Yi Kang, M.D.

    English, Korean Expertise Epilepsy, Neurology, Seizure Disorder...

    Dr. Joon Kang focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of seizures and epilepsy.  Dr. Kang has a clinical interest in the pre-surgical evaluation and treatment of patients who have drug resistant epilepsy.  Her research interests include mini...
  • Ronald Peter Lesser, M.D.

    33 Comments Director, Epilepsy Fellowship Program Professor...

    Dr. Ronald Lesser received his medical degree from the University of Southern California School of Medicine. He then completed an internship in pediatrics at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine and a residency in psychiatry at the New York State Psy...
  • Samata Singhi, M.D., M.S., M.Sc.

    Hindi, Punjabi Expertise Epilepsy, Pediatric Neurology Insurance...

    Dr. Samata Singhi is the medical director of the epilepsy monitoring unit at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and an Assistant Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Dr. Singhi did her medical school training at C...
  • William Stanley Anderson, M.A., M.D., Ph.D.

    Brain Stimulation, Dystonia, Epilepsy Surgery, Essential Tremor...

    Dr. William Anderson provides comprehensive treatments - such as including deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapies -for movement disorders including, Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, and dystonia. Dr. William Anderson is also a member of the Ep...
  • Eva Katharina Ritzl, M.D.

    English, German Expertise Epilepsy, Intraoperative Neuromonitoring, Neurology...

    Dr. Eva Ritzl focuses on interoperative monitoring, continuous EEG monitoring,and neurophysiology. Dr. Eva Ritzl received her medical degree from the University of Cologne in Germany. She then completed her medical specialty rotation with the Greater...
  • Shenandoah Robinson, M.D.

    Expertise Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy Surgery, Intrathecal Baclofen...

    Dr. Shenandoah "Dody" Robinson is a nationally recognized expert in the treatment of pediatric epilepsy and spasticity. Her research focuses on clarifying how early insults to the developing brain lead to deficits, such as cerebral palsy and epilepsy...
  • Mari Louise Groves, M.D.

    Tumors, Chiari Malformations, Epilepsy Surgery, Hydrocephalus, Intramedullary...

    Dr. Groves is a pediatric neurosurgeon who treats children with brain and spinal cord tumors, Chiari Malformations, myelomeningocele, spacticity and epilepsy. She also focuses on spinal deformity and spinal oncology.
  • Jason Brandt, Ph.D.

    Behavioral Medicine, Dementia, Epilepsy, Huntington's Disease...

    Dr. Brandt obtained his undergraduate education at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York and then went on to obtain his master’s and doctoral degrees in experimental and physiological psychology from Boston University. Since 1981,...
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