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Nicholas Jason Roberts, Ph.D., Vet.M.B.

Photo of Dr. Nicholas Jason Roberts, Ph.D., Vet.M.B.

Assistant Professor of Pathology


Dr. Nicholas Roberts is an Assistant Professor of Pathology and Oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His current research is focused on deciphering the genetic and biological determinants of pancreatic cancer risk and translating these developments into personalized screening, early detection methods, and novel therapies for patients

Dr. Roberts earned degrees in Natural Sciences (B.A.) and Veterinary Medicine (Vet.M.B.) from the University of Cambridge. He then received a Ph.D. in Human Genetics and Molecular Biology from the Johns Hopkins University, completing his thesis research at the Ludwig Center under the guidance of Drs. Bert Vogelstein and Kenneth Kinzler. After receiving his Ph.D., Dr. Roberts completed postdoctoral training at the Johns Hopkins University, where he focused on identifying novel pancreatic cancer susceptibility genes using whole genome sequencing. 

Dr. Roberts is the recipient of a prestigious NIH K99-R00 Career Development Award. more


  • Assistant Professor of Pathology
  • Assistant Professor of Oncology



  • B.A., Trinity College (England) (2004)
  • Vet.M.B., University of Cambridge (United Kingdom) (2007)
  • Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Maryland) (2012)

Research & Publications

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