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Photo of Dr. William H Sharfman, M.D.

Sharfman, William H, M.D.

Associate Professor of Oncology
Associate Professor of Dermatology
Director, Cutaneous Oncology
Clinical Co-Director for Oncology, Johns Hopkins Melanoma Program
The Mary Jo Rogers Professorship in Cancer Immunology and Melanoma Research
Appointment Phone: 410-616-7660
Main Location: Johns Hopkins Medicine - Green Spring Station
Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Cutaneous Oncology, Dermatology, Gastrointestinal Cancers, Immunotherapy, Lung Cancer, Melanoma, Merkel Cell Carcinoma, Neuroendocrine Tumors
Photo of Dr. Janis Marie Taube, M.D., M.Sc.

Taube, Janis Marie, M.D., M.Sc.

Professor of Dermatology
Professor of Oncology
Professor of Pathology
Director, Division of Dermatopathology
Assistant Director, Dermatoimmunology Laboratory
Main Location: The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Dermatopathology, Pathology