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  • Dr. Rakhi Naik is the Associate Director for Hematology for the Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program and is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. She received her undergraduate degree in Biomedical & Electrical Enginee...
  • Dr. Resar's studies molecular mechanisms leading to cancer, blood diseases, sickle cell anemia, hemophilia and other coagulopathies. Her research focuses on the HMG-I/Y gene family, which is widely overexpressed and functions as oncogenes in human ca...
  • Jerry L. Spivak, MD, is currently Professor of Medicine and Oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Spivak is a graduate of Cornell University Medical College and received training in Internal Medicine, Hematology and Oncolog...
  • Dr. Lode J. Swinnen is a cancer specialist in Baltimore caring for patients with AIDS-related cancers, chronic myeloid leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, leukemia, lymphoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Dr. Swinnen received his M.B.Ch.B. degree from the...
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