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Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery can change lives by restoring appearance, functionality, and mobility. For patients, reconstructive surgery can have the power of a miracle, giving them back a part of their lives or providing something they never thought they would have.

Why choose Johns Hopkins?

The surgeons at Johns Hopkins take that power seriously. As a group, they bring together every kind of reconstructive surgery there is—facial reconstructiontissue transferbreast reconstructionperipheral nerve repairburn and scar repair, pediatric injuries and conditions, and much more.

Not only can they count on their combined years of expertise in reconstructive surgery, they can also turn to doctors in other disciplines whose work is as specialized as theirs is. As easily as walking down the hall, a hand surgeon can consult with a surgeon renowned for tissue transfer techniques or a pediatric surgeon can meet with a surgeon who specializes in nerve surgery to discuss a case.

Innovative techniques backed by years of experience

Every surgeon who does reconstructive surgery at Johns Hopkins is uniquely trained to treat patients with injuries, disease, and congenital conditions. Whether a patient comes to them after a serious accident, is recovering from a life-threatening illness, or is a child with a birth abnormality, our reconstructive surgeons know the most advanced surgical techniques available to repair the condition or injury.

The surgeon who repairs a child’s brachial plexus injury has trained with the premier nerve surgeons in the world. The doctor who reconstructs a woman’s breasts after cancer has learned the pioneering microvascular techniques from the surgeons who created them.

Beyond their own department, the surgeons at Johns Hopkins are surrounded by a group of doctors and surgeons whose knowledge and abilities are unsurpassed. Rigorous medical training and a depth and breadth of knowledge, experience, and innovation mark our facility as one of the best in the world. When you come to Johns Hopkins for reconstructive surgery, you are getting a quality of medical care that is hard to match.

Meet our reconstructive surgeons