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Specialty Services

Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons team up with multiple departments across Johns Hopkins Medicine to improve quality of life for patients who have undergone cancer removal, experienced traumatic injury or suffer from conditions that cause pain or disfigurement.

woman measuring her waist

Body Contouring
Improving the appearance of skin and tissue after major weight loss can boost your self-confidence and your body image. 

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Breast Reconstruction
Our surgeons specialize in complex breast reconstruction procedures, helping restore self-image after cancer treatment.

left to right: Drs. Redett, Dorafshar and Kumar

Our team of specialists works to promote healing, rebuild self-confidence and minimize scarring for patients recovering from burns.

doctor and parent playing with a child

Cleft Lip and Palate Repair
Through compassionate and expert care, our surgeons address the physical and emotional needs of our patients with cleft lip and palate, and their families.

craniofacial conditions

Craniofacial Injuries and Conditions
Our surgeons have pioneered innovative craniofacial reconstruction techniques, as well as treatments for facial pain and paralysis.

facial pain

Facial Pain and Paralysis
If you suffer from facial paralysis or chronic facial pain, there are several options to consider when searching for treatment including surgery, pain management, and rehabilitation therapies.

man clenching his hand

Hand Injuries and Conditions
Surgery can reduce pain and restore function in cases of severe hand injuries or conditions. Learn more about the conditions we treat.

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Head and Neck Tumors
Learn how our reconstructive surgeons can help restore your natural appearance after tumor removal.

Dr. Tufaro examining a skull with a patient

Jaw problems
By correcting jaw injuries and conditions, our surgeons help patients improve their abilities to eat, sleep, speak and more.

lymphedema patient

Reconstructive surgery can restore limb function for patients with advanced stage lymphedema. Learn more. 

Dr. Rosson examines a patient

Nerve Injuries and Conditions
Our surgeons specialize in the most effective and innovative approaches to treating nerve conditions

occipital release

Occipital Release Surgery
Our surgeons specialize in the most effective and innovative approaches to occipital release surgery

Dr. Redett with Dr. Sefert

Pediatric Plastic Surgery
When a child is born with a disfiguring condition or affected by a traumatic injury, our doctors help determine and provide treatments to improve the rest of their lives.

hand transplant recipient with his nurse

Reconstructive Transplant
Our surgeons perform hand, arm and face transplants, offering patients new opportunities and hope for the future.

Dr. Manson examines a patient's skin

Skin Cancer Reconstruction
While skin cancer is frequently caught early, advanced cases require expert care. Learn how we help survivors and patients improve their quality of life.