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Our Procedures: Pediatric Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Redett

If your child is born with a disfiguring condition or has an injury that leaves permanent damage, your doctor will help you determine the best treatment available. In some cases, reconstructive surgery may be the best option for restoring the mobility, functionality and appearance to the part of your child’s body affected by his or her condition or injury.

The timing of your child’s surgery and the number of surgeries necessary will depend on your child’s condition. Options may include surgery within the first year of life, delaying surgery or treatment over a series of surgeries.

Why choose Johns Hopkins?

At Johns Hopkins, our reconstructive pediatric surgeons have done hundreds of surgeries on children of all ages to restore appearance and functionality. They have learned about and, in many cases, taught the latest and most effective surgical techniques. In addition, because they work at Johns Hopkins, they can call on any other kind of medical expertise needed right at the facility, from pediatricians and orthopaedists to ear, nose and throat specialists (otolaryngologists) and dermatologists.

Two young children

Conditions We Treat

Our Pediatric Reconstructive Surgeons

Physician Assistant

Rae Buckley, PA-C

Rae Buckley, PA-C


Kim Siefert, R.N.

Kim Siefert, R.N.
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