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Surgical Treatment of Burns

Burn team at the unit with patients

Even relatively minor burns can leave scars and people who have been burned over large parts of their bodies often must deal with scarring that is disfiguring. Reconstructive surgery can reduce scarring and restore appearance to the affected area.

Why choose Johns Hopkins?

The plastic surgeons at Johns Hopkins can use a number of techniques to decrease the size and appearance of scarring, including dermabrasion, surgical revision and laser treatment.

At Johns Hopkins, our plastic surgeons have done thousands of reconstructive and plastic surgeries to restore appearance and functionality. They have learned about and, in many cases, taught the latest and most effective surgical techniques. In addition, because they work at Johns Hopkins, they can call on any other kind of medical expertise needed right at the facility, from orthopedists and oncologists to pediatricians and dermatologists.

Our reconstructive surgeons in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, located in Baltimore, Maryland, are devoted to their profession and that includes consultation with the patients, their families, and others as needed. From the first consultation to the final check-up, they make themselves available and accessible to patients.

Multidisciplinary Care at the Adult Burn Unit at Johns Hopkins Bayview

When you or a loved one faces painful burns and associated wounds, getting the best care available is crucial for both recovery and peace of mind. Note: Video does not contain sound.


Our Specialty Center

patient in the burn center

The reconstructive surgeons at Johns Hopkins work with the patients, their families, doctors at the Johns Hopkins Burn Center, and other medical staff to determine what kind of surgery is needed and how it will be done to restore the patient’s appearance. Surgery can provide a range of benefits, from better mobility and health to increased self-confidence.

Our Surgeons


  • Nadeem Haddad, M.D.

    Burn Fellow

    Nadeem Haddad, M.D.
  • Elizabeth Blears, M.D.

    Burn Fellow

    Elizabeth Blears, M.D.
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