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Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapists

Our physical therapists help patients with a variety of balance and vestibular issues, such as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, post-concussion syndrome and vestibular migraines. Visit one of our locations in White Marsh, Lutherville, Odenton or Baltimore.

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Mandi Davis, physical therapist in White Marsh, MD

Mandi Davis | Physical Therapist, Team Lead

Certifications: Board-Certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Expertise: orthopedics, spine, pelvis, vestibular rehabilitation, breast cancer

Location: White Marsh

Meredith Drake, Physical Therapist

Meredith Drake | Physical Therapist

Certifications: Board-Certified in Neurologic Physical Therapy

Expertise: neurologic rehabilitation, brain rehabilitation program

Location: Baltimore

Allison Greaney, physical therapist

Allison Greaney | Physical Therapist

Certifications: C1 Schroth Certification

Expertise: general orthopedic conditions, adult neurologic rehabilitation, vestibular disorders, Schroth exercises for the treatment of idiopathic adolescent scoliosis

Location: Lutherville

Hayley Haaf, physical therapist

Hayley Haaf | Physical Therapist

Certifications: Certified Vestibular Therapist

Expertise: general orthopedic conditions, neurologic rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation

Location: Lutherville

Jennifer Millar, Physical Therapist

Jennifer Millar | Physical Therapist

Expertise: vestibular rehabilitation, facial motor rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, movement disorders (including ataxia, Parkinson's disease), fall prevention, orthopedics

Location: Baltimore

Meghan Moore, Physical Therapist

Meghan Moore | Physical Therapist

Certifications: Certified Neurological Clinical Specialist,  Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Competency Based Course Certificate

Expertise: pediatrics, vestibular conditions, spinal muscular atrophy, concussions, brain injury, headaches, pediatric neurological conditions

Location: Baltimore

Harrison Segall, physical therapist

Harrison Segall | Physical Therapist

Expertise: orthopedics, neurology, vestibular rehabilitation

Location: Odenton

Anne Spar, Physical Therapist

Anne Spar | Physical Therapist

Certifications: Certified Vestibular Therapist

Expertise: neurological rehabilitation, brain rehabilitation program, falls and balance program

Location: Baltimore

headshot of Megan Ziegler

Megan Ziegler | Physical Therapist

Certifications: Board-Certified in Neurologic Physical Therapy

Expertise: neurologic rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation

Location: Baltimore

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