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Sports Rehabilitation Therapists

Our sports physical therapists are trained in working with athletes, whether you are a professional or a weekend warrior. Our facilities in White Marsh, Odenton, Lutherville and Baltimore offer specialized equipment to help runners, baseball players and other athletes prevent injury, improve technique or bounce back after a health problem.

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John Dale, physical therapist in Timonium, MD

John Dale | Physical Therapist

Certifications: Certified Sports Specialist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Athletic Training Certified

Expertise: sports rehabilitation, injury prevention, post-operative care, sports performance, return to play, lower extremity

Location: Green Spring Station Clinic

Jillian Dean, physical therapist in Odenton, MD

Jillian Dean | Physical Therapist

Certifications: Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certified

Expertise: orthopedics, sports injuries, return to sports, running injuries, injury prevention, post-operative care

Location: Odenton Clinic

Lora Durkin, physical therapist in Odenton, MD

Lora Durkin | Physical Therapist

Expertise: foot and ankle, knee, running injuries, gait analysis

Location: Odenton Clinic

Pat Griffin, White Marsh physical therapist

Pat Griffin | Physical Therapist

Certifications: Board-Certified Sports Clinical Specialist

Expertise: sports injuries, sports performance, orthopedics, return to play, overhead athletes, injury prevention

Location: Odenton Clinic

Ken Johnson, physical therapist in Timonium, MD

Ken Johnson | Physical Therapist, Director of Rehabilitation Therapy Services Outreach

Expertise: running analysis, running injuries

Location: Green Spring Station Clinic

Stacie Page, physical therapist in White Marsh, MD

Stacie Page | Physical Therapist

Certifications: Certified Orthopedic Specialist

Expertise: sports and running injuries, total joint replacements, post-operative upper and lower extremity rehabilitation

Location: White Marsh Clinic

Christie Pona, physical therapist in White Marsh, MD

Christie Pona | Physical Therapist

Certifications: Athletic Training Certified

Expertise: orthopedics, sports

Location: White Marsh Clinic

John Shipley, physical therapist

John Shipley | Physical Therapist

Expertise: sports physical therapy and sports injuries

Location: White Marsh Clinic

Tim Strauch, Physical Therapist Assistant

Tim Strauch | Physical Therapist Assistant

Expertise: amputee rehabilitation, orthopedics, sports rehabilitation

Location: The Johns Hopkins Hospital

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Larisa Trach | Physical Therapist, Resident

Certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 

Expertise: sports physical therapy resident, sports rehabilitation

Location: White Marsh

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Anthony Trinch | Physical Therapist, Resident

Expertisesports physical therapy resident, sports rehabilitation, return to play, injury prevention

Location: White Marsh

Jeremy Wallick, physical therapist in Timonium, MD

Jeremy Wallick | Physical Therapist

Certifications: Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Expertise: running and gait analysis, running injuries, lower extremity rehabilitation

Location: acac

Matt Weber, Physical Therapist

Matt Weber | Physical Therapist, Resident

Expertise: orthopedic physical therapy resident, orthopedics, sports, and running injuries

Location: rotating

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