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Speaking Engagements

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American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Annual Assembly 

October 12-15, 2017 | Denver, CO

6th Annual Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehabilitation Conference 

November 2-4, 2017 | Baltimore, MD

National Conference Acceptances

ASHA National Conference

  • Supplmenary Motor Aphasia (SMA): A Two-Part Case Study of this Rare Aphasia Subtype | Christine Percha, Therese Cole, Kathleen Holden
  • Mechanically Ventilated Patients Report Improvement in Voice-Related Quality of Life with a Talking Tra-cheostomy Tube | Therese Cole, Kathleen Holden , Dana Kilonsky, Vinciya Pandian
  • Current Systems of Stroke Care & Stroke Related Dysphagia | Nicole Langton-Frost, Mona Bahouth
  • Clinical Consideration for Dysphagia Management for Adults with Acute Illness & End-Stage Renal Disease | Jillian De Luca
  • Ataxic dysarthria and hypothyroidism | Colleen McElroy

APTA Combined Sections Meeting

Educational Sessions

  • Oncology Research — A Year in Review | Cynthia Barbe, Lauren Miller, Rachel Slusher
  • Early Mobility in the Neuro ICS: Are we Really Behind? | Sowmya Kumble, Danny Ludwig, Meghan Moore
  • Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research: A Year in Review | Paul Ricard
  • Early Physical Therapy in the ICU: No One Size Fits All Options | Jason Seltzer; Amy Toonstra
  • Ambulatory Status is Associated with Daily Call Bell Frequency in Hospitalized Neurosciences Patients | Kara Shumock; Andre Cassell; Annette Lavezza; Michael Friedman; Maria Cvach; Yih-Yang Chang; Fnu Elys; Naomi Hoffman; Daniel Brotman; Kerry Lammers; Erik Hoyer
  • My Patient’s Dizzy, Now What? An Acute Care Approach to Vestibular Dysfunction | Kerry Lammers, Gabrielle Steinhorn
  • Clinical Decision-Making for Managing the Patient with Critical Illness | Jennifer Zanni

Poster Presentations

  • Vertical and Torsional Alignment Nulling: A Rapid Quantification or Binocular Misalignment without Recording Eye Movements. | Jennifer Millar; Yoav Gimmon; Jorge Serrador; Michael Schubert
  • How do you Rehabilitate Balance when Vision, Sensation, and Vestibular Systems are Impaired? A Case Study. | Jonathan Wood, Rachel Reoli
  • Screening for Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction in a Patient with Dizziness: A Case Report | Jonathan Wood, Grace Ademski
  • The Standardization of Outcome Measures as Part of a Clinical Pathway for Patients Post Stroke in the Outpatient Setting | Jonathan Wood, Jessalyn Koch
  • Ratings of Perceived Exertion and Difficulty in Individuals with Stroke During Moderate Intensity Task Practice | Jonathan Wood; Darcy Reisman; Meredith Drake; Susanne Morton
  • Feasibility of Running a Successful Acute Care Therapy Gym in a Tertiary | Enjeen Woolford, Sowmya Kumble

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