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Drug Recall-Ranitidine

On April 1, 2020, the FDA requested that everybody stop taking ranitidine (brand name: Zantac). All manufacturers have been asked to stop making it, and all stores will be pulling it from their shelves. 

What do I do?

  • Check all your medications and discard any that have the name “ranitidine” in the active ingredients.

  • You can change to famotidine (Pepcid AC or other brand names) or nizatidine (Axid or other brand names) that are both available without a prescription.

  • Let us know if you need additional help treating your symptoms.

Lifestyle choices can make a big difference, too! If you are not already doing these please try to:

  • Raise the head of your bed four to six inches on blocks or books so that your head is above your stomach when you sleep.

  • Eat smaller meals and stay upright two to three hours after eating.

  • Limit the following if they worsen your symptoms:

    •  Fatty, fried or spicy foods

    • Peppermint, mint, chocolate, onions, tomatoes, citrus (orange, lemon, lime)

    • Alcohol and tobacco

How do I discard medication?

  1. Mix the medication with dirt, cat litter or used coffee grounds.
  2. Place this mixture in a sealed plastic bag.
  3. Throw away in the trash at home.

Questions and answers about this recall are available on the FDA website.