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Caren L. Freel Meyers

Congratulations to Caren for being this year's recipient of the GSA Faculty Teaching Award. Caren received multiple nominations prior to voting, each with strong and thoughtful words describing the work she puts into mentoring, support and care for students in the Pharmacology department, and her "awesome organic chemistry lectures”. Overall, Caren was characterized as an "inspiring and exemplary” scientist by the students. (4/7/19)

In the September 10, 2014 online issue of UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL NEWS, Caren and Charles Flexner are featured in an article entitled, "Long acting HIV drugs to be developed." (9/23/14)

Congratulations to Caren for being promoted to the rank of Associate Professor effective October 1, 2013!

In the January 31, 2012 online issue of JOHNS HOPKINS MEDICINE SCIENCE NEWS, Caren is featured in an article entitled, "Building a better drug".    (1/31/12)

In the January 31, 2012 online issue of JOHNS HOPKINS MEDICINE SCIENCE NEWS, Caren was Interview by Melissa Hendricks and featured in an article entitled, "Meet a Scientist: A passion for chemistry’s puzzles and an intimate view of cancer’s harsh realities led Caren Meyers to the field of medicinal chemistry".      (1/31/12)