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James E.K. Hildreth

On December 2, 2003, James accepted the National Medical Fellowships' Visionary Research Award in Academic Medicine at their annual awards gala in New York.  James was recognized for his "groundbreaking discoveries and extraordinary research in HIV," according to the award letter from NMF. NMF's goal is to help qualified and highly motivated minority medical students overcome the cost barriers associated with securing a medical education. Coincidentally, James received two NMF awards while in medical school at Johns Hopkins -- The William and Charlotte Cadbury Award in 1986, and The Kaiser Foundation Award in 1987.

Congratulations to James for receiving the Ranice W. Crosby Distinguished Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding contributions to the visual communications of medical science.   James received this award at the School of Medicine's Convocation on May 23, 2002. 

In the February 11, 2002 issue of THE JHU GAZETTE in an article featuring James Hildreth, Richard Markham, and Kristen Khanna, entitled, "Advance made in fighting AIDS transmission."