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Thesis Advisory Committee

This committee consists of experts in your field and related fields who can help you with research direction and technical challenges, and who will oversee your progress until your research is complete and your doctorate is awarded.

  • When you turn in your proposal, you should submit the names of your proposed Thesis Advisory Committee.  This committee should consist of your thesis advisor and a minimum of three additional faculty knowledgeable in your field of study and whose expertise may be beneficial to you in performing the research you have proposed.  The committee must be approved by the Program Director. 
  • Once the committee is approved, you should contact each of the individuals to confirm that they are willing to serve and arrange a mutually agreeable date and time for your first thesis meeting.  The first thesis meeting should take place in March or April of the third year. The date of the first meeting is the deadline for subsequent annual meetings.
  • The thesis meeting, in conjunction with the thesis proposal, is intended to help you consider the broader concepts on which your thesis research is based, to assist you in focusing your thoughts on your research problem, and to clarify any questions that the committee may have concerning your experimental approach. 
  • An Individual Development Plan must be completed prior to each meeting.
  • The thesis meeting generally begins with an oral presentation of the proposal by the student followed by a period of questions, comments, and discussion. 

For more information, see the Pharmacology Student Handbook.