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Huijun Wei

Huijun "Jack" Wei
Department Affiliation: Primary: Neurology; Secondary: Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences 
Degree: Ph.D., Emory University
Rank: Assistant Professor
Telephone Number : 410-614-0870
Fax Number: 410-614-0659
E-mail address:

School of Medicine Address: Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery, Room 230, John G. Rangos, Sr., Building, 855 N. Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD  21205 

Identifying and validating drug targets for the treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Our laboratory is focused on identifying and validating drug targets for the treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders. We developed high throughput screening assays for potential drug targets. Compounds identified from the high throughput screening and medicinal chemistry optimization can be used to study the mechanism and efficacy of modulating the potential drug targets through cell based analysis and in vivo animal behavior studies. Our ultimate goal is to translate our understanding of the molecular mechanism of neurodevelopmental disorders into novel medicines for patients.


Representative Publications:  

  • Wormald, M., Liao, G., Kimos, M., Barrow, J., Wei, H.  Development of a homogenous high-throughput assay for inositol hexakisphosphate kinase 1 activity.  Plos One 12(11), 2017, :e0188852. Pub Med Reference
  • Calcaterra, N.E., Hoeppner, D.J., Wei, H., Jaffe, A.E., Maher, B.J., Barrow, J.C. Schizophrenia-Associated hERG channel Kv11.1-3.1 Exhibits a Unique Trafficking Deficit that is Rescued Through Proteasome Inhibition for High Throughput Screening. Sci Rep. 16:19976, 2016. Pub Med Reference
  • Li, M., Tao, R.,  Jaffe, A.E., Shin, J.H., Wang, Y., Chen, Q., Chao, L., Jia, Y., Ohi, K.,  Maher, B.J., Straub, R.E., Brandon, N.J.,  Cross, A.,  Chenoweth, J.,  Wei, H., Hyde, T.M., McKay, R., Kleinman, J.E., Weinberger, D.R.  A human-specific isoform of AS3MT and BORC7 are molecular risk factors in the 10q24.32 schizophrenia-associated locus.  Nature Medicine 22:649-656, 2016.  Pub Med Reference
  • Hawes, B.E., Zhai, Y., Hesk, D., Wirth, M., Wei, H., Chintala, M., Seiffert, D.  In vitro pharmacological characterization of Vorapaxar, a novel platelet thrombin receptor antagonist. Eur J Pharmacology 762:221-228, 2015.  Pub Med Reference
  • Wei, H., Shang, J., Wang, M., Li, Q., Keohane, C., Ni, W., Chintala, M.  Assessing the spontaneous gastrointestinal bleeding risk of antithrombotic agents using Apc min/+ mice.  Thrombosis and Haemostasis 111: 1121-1132, 2014.  Pub Med Reference



Other graduate programs in which Dr. Wei participates:  None