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Information for Healthcare Professionals

Information for Healthcare Professionals

Partnership with Referring Physicians
The pediatric transplant team is committed to continually improving our partnership of care and communication with our healthcare colleagues.  We encourage you to use the Hopkins Access Line (HAL), a 24 hour hotline for physicians, to reach any Hopkins specialist at any time in order to refer a patient or to consult about a patient's care. 

Research and Medical Education
People who come to Johns Hopkins gain access to the vast resources of one of the world's premier medical institutions.  We strive to continually research new avenues in immunosuppressive therapies and other critical areas in transplantation.  As transplant medicine is constantly evolving, we provide fellowship opportunities and continuing medical education opportunities to professionals in the field.  

Statistical Data
Our transplant physicians are highly skilled and aggressive in their pursuit of innovations to improve transplant outcomes for our patients.  Statistics on all transplant centers can be found at the United Network for Organ Sharing, the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients and the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation websites.

How to Refer a Patient
Physicians who would like to consult with a Hopkins physician about referring a patient can contact a transplant physician's office through our HAL service.  

Hopkins Access Line (HAL)


(Continental United States)
(Baltimore area and international calls)

The Hopkins Access Line (HAL) is a consultation and referral service provided by Johns Hopkins Medicine. HAL's toll-free number - operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week - was created in response to the growing needs of physicians to reach Hopkins physicians quickly. HAL gives practicing physicians and faculty the opportunity to assist one another in the diagnosis and care of patients.

As a physician, your call will be received by a HAL service representative. Our representatives have access to Hopkins physicians' schedules, on-call lists, and telephone and pager numbers - all the numbers needed to reach the physician promptly. If you wish to speak with a specific physician and he or she is unavailable, the representative will direct you to an available specialist or arrange for the requested physician to return your call.

The HAL service is for physicians only. If you are not a physician and wish to request an appointment yourself, please call our appointment service lines: 410-955-5464 for calls in Baltimore; 1-443-287-0528 for calls from outside the Baltimore area; and +01-410-955-8032 for calls from outside the United States.

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