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The Saga of Sam

About "The Saga of Sam"

In 1994, Sam and his family began their journey toward liver transplantation.  The transplant journey affected the family profoundly.  During that time, Sam's father chronicled his family's experience in a personal journal, which he called "The Saga of Sam."  Sam's family has graciously agreed to share their story with other pediatric transplant patients and families.

Today, Sam is doing well.  The images shown below commemorate milestones in Sam's life, including his wedding.  Members of the Pediatric Liver Transplant Team were thrilled to be present at many of these times to share the family's joy during Sam's recovery. 

We would like to thank Sam and his family for their kindness in sharing their personal experiences with us.

Sam PreTransplant
(Above) Sam, six (6) weeks before his transplant.
Sam PostTransplant

(Above) Sam, six (6) weeks after his transplant.

Sam at Graduation
(Above) Sam, six (6) years after his transplant.

(Below) The centerpiece Sam included at his wedding:

Sam's Wedding Centerpiece