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Trigeminal Neuralgia Surgery: Michelle's Story

Michelle's debilitating facial pain from trigeminal neuralgia prevented her from working, speaking with friends and family, and simple pleasures like cooking and cycling with her husband. Watch as her life has turned around following microvascular decompression surgery by Dr. Michael Lim.

About the Johns Hopkins Trigeminal Neuralgia Center

We provide comprehensive care and a full range of treatment options to patients suffering from this condition, characterized by sharp, shooting electrical pain to one side of the face. The Johns Hopkins team, including uniquely specialized surgeons, works to customize a treatment plan for each patient with the goal of relieving their pain quickly and restoring their quality of life.

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Patient Appointments and Information

To request an appointment, please call 443-997-1808. Prior to scheduling an appointment, please complete this questionnaire form and fax it to 410-630-7865.