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Recognizing Signs of Stroke: Amy’s Story

At age 47, Amy McDougall had no reason to think she was having a stroke. But that’s exactly what happened.

After experiencing what she thought were symptoms of sinus pressure -- a bad earache, toothache and migraine headaches -- Amy began hearing a loud "whoosh" sound in her head. Concerned, she sought care at her local hospital and was referred to The Johns Hopkins Hospital Stroke Center where they confirmed she had suffered a stroke.

Amy shares her story about the symptoms of stroke she experienced, her diagnosis, recovery and experience at The Johns Hopkins Hospital Stroke Center.

Stroke: Amy's Story

Learn how strokes can affect younger people by watching the story of Amy, a mother of five, who had a stroke at age 47 before seeking treatment at The Johns Hopkins Hospital Stroke Center.

About Our Stroke Centers

Johns Hopkins has five stroke centers: Howard County General Hospital, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Sibley Memorial Hospital and Suburban Hospital.

Our centers offer the critical elements required to achieve long-term success in improving stroke outcomes and have the capacity to offer the most specialized care to the most complex stroke patients on a 24/7 basis.

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