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Request Patient Billing Records


Subpoenas requesting Patient Billings Records should be addressed to the hospital from which the records are being requested. The subpoena must contain the name of the patient, date of birth, dates of service for which records are being requested.

The subpoena should be served on the Custodian of Billing Records for the specific hospital and should be addressed to:

Custodian of Billing Records
(insert name of hospital)
Patient Financial Services
3910 Keswick Road, N- 3300
Baltimore, MD 21211

Billing Requests from attorneys or document retrieval companies

All billing record requests must be accompanied by a check for $15 made payable to:

JHHS Patient Financial Services
PO Box 415611
Boston, MA 02241-5611

All Billing Requests must also be accompanied with a Release of Authorization signed by the patient.
Please make sure your Authorization to Release Information specifically states which hospital is being authorized to release PHI. If the authorization does not state the name of the hospital, your request will be returned.
The Billing Request must state the name of the hospital to which it is directed, the name of the patient, the patient’s date of birth, the dates of service for the bills being requested.

Also please note: If requesting bills from more than one hospital, separate requests must be sent for each hospital.

When payment is received, the records will be sent out by email, fax or by USPS. Please indicate on the Request the name of the hospital from which records are being requested and advise how you would like the records sent:

  1. in PDF format and emailed, please provide an email address; NOTE: this is the quickest way to receive your records.
  2. faxed, please provide a fax number; or
  3. US Postal Service, please provide a mailing address.

Please allow 30 days for documents to arrive once payment is received by Johns Hopkins.


Patient Request for Patient Balance and or Copies of Bills

Patients or their representatives should contact the Billing Customer Service Department.

You can email requests to Please provide hospital account number, date(s) of service and name of hospital.

Requests for Physicians Bills or Medical Records

Physicians bills or medical records can be obtained by calling the numbers listed below.

For Medical Records:For Physician Billing Records:
Johns Hopkins Hospital - 410-955-6043 OR 410-955-6044
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center - 410-550-0688 OR 410-550-0689
Howard County General Hospital - 410-740-7950
Sibley Memorial Hospital - 202-537-4180 OR 202-537-4088
Johns Hopkins Hospital - 410-933-1200
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center - 410-933-1200
Howard County General Hospital - 1-888-834-7110
Sibley Memorial Hospital - 1-800-942-3363
Suburban Hospital - 301-896-3777