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Conditions We Treat: Laryngotracheal Stenosis (Airway Disorders)

While the majority of breathing issues are caused by lung problems, sometimes there is a problem with the air passing through the throat or voice box into the lungs. In this situation, patients often make a high pitched noise during breathing called stridor.

Laryngotracheal Stenosis (Airway Obstruction): What You Need to Know

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  • A benign or cancerous tumor or an inflammatory or infectious growth can cause a mass obstruction of the airway.
  • When scar or inflammatory tissue builds up in the voice box or trachea, it can narrow your breathing passage. This can occur following placement of a breathing tube, after throat trauma, or as a result of an autoimmune disease.
  • If both of your vocal folds do not move, then they do not open during breathing and can restrict the airflow through the voice box.

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