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Conditions We Treat: Pediatric Sinusitis

Pediatric sinusitis is a condition in children where the sinuses can become inflamed or swollen.

Pediatric Sinusitis: What You Need to Know

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  • The most common symptoms of pediatric sinusitis are coughing, behavioral changes, fatigue, eye swelling, fever, nausea and thick nasal or postnasal drainage.
  • Viral respiratory infections have similar symptoms to sinus infections in children. However, if symptoms persist beyond 7 to 10 days, it is likely your child may be suffering from a sinus infection.
  • Most children respond well to medical treatment for sinusitis, which may include antibiotics, nasal saline and nasal steroids.
  • Children who do not respond to medical treatment may be candidates for surgical treatment, which may include adenoidectomy or sinus surgery.

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Why Choose Johns Hopkins for Pediatric Sinusitis?

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Our Sinus Center team recorded online seminars and answers to frequently asked questions to keep our patients informed about their condition and treatment options.

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