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If you touch behind your ear, you will feel a hard bony bump there called the mastoid bone.

The mastoid bone is filled with spaces for air and works as a backup supply of air for the eardrum. If children have recurring ear infections, in rare cases those infections may spread to the mastoid, called mastoiditis. Your doctor may recommend a mastoidectomy to correct this chronic condition. Prompt treatment of mastoiditis is necessary to prevent the spread of infection.

What is a mastoidectomy?

A mastoidectomy is a surgical procedure designed to remove infection or growths such as cholesteatoma in the bone behind the ear (mastoid bone). Its purpose is to prevent further damage to your child’s hearing. For more information please read our handout on mastoidectomy.

Children are our specialty

Mastoidectomy is commonly performed by the pediatric otolaryngologists (ENTs) at the Johns Hopkins Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology. Because we only work with children, our experts can offer the full-range of pediatric care necessary to manage your child from diagnosis to post-surgery.

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