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Narrow Airway (Laryngotracheal Stenosis)

Laryngotracheal stenosis is a complex problem in children who are born with narrow airways, or who have developed scarring of the airways from the use of a breathing tube/ventilator.


Our experts at the Johns Hopkins Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology have advanced techniques for treatment of this condition, including:

  • Airway reconstructionswith grafts and stents: These procedures reconstruct the airway using state of the art surgical techniques.
  • Dilation with balloons and other means: These procedures manipulate narrowed soft tissue areas to enlarge the airway from within.
  • Scar resections from the airway with open and endoscopic surgery: We use microsurgical techniques, sometimes with the use of lasers, to remove scar tissue and improve breathing.
  • Tracheotomy: A tube is placed in the neck that goes in the windpipe to stabilize breathing until some of the above methods are used to definitively correct the narrowing.

Multi-pronged approach to healing

Many children with laryngotracheal stenosis have many other health challenges. The goal is to provide a multi-pronged approach to healing including a treatment regimen involving feeding specialists and respiratory therapists, speech therapists, as well as other treating physicians.

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