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Teeth Conditions

The health of your mouth and body are intricately connected. Dentists can often form an accurate picture of a patient’s health by looking at the health of their mouth and teeth. Our team of dentists manages all types of teeth conditions including:

  • Tooth decay/cavities are a serious problem if not treated. Our dentists identify dental cavities by using X-rays and examining the teeth. Dental cavities are filled, usually with cosmetically appealing tooth colored resin.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth can cause infections and crowd other teeth. We refer patients with impacted wisdom teeth to oral surgeons so they can remove them. Learn more about tooth extractions.
  • Teeth grinding/clenching can cause head, neck and shoulder pain as well as damage to the teeth and jaw. Your dentist may recommend wearing a mouth guard or bite splint to protect your teeth and jaw.
  • Missing or loose teeth can be replaced using a variety of cosmetic alternatives, including dental implants, dentures and crowns, bridges and other cast restorations. Learn more prosthodontics.
  • Tooth sensitivity can be caused by a variety of things. Your dentist will probably recommend using a sensitivity reducing toothpaste and avoiding certain foods. He or she will also examine your teeth carefully to make sure there is no medical or dental cause of the sensitivity.
  • Toothaches and dental emergencies are managed by our staff as quickly as possible. We know how painful teeth can be when they are not healthy and we will examine you to determine the cause of the pain and the best possible treatment.
  • Malocclusion (poor bites/crooked teeth) can be treated in a variety of ways, ranging from orthodontics to reconstruction by our prosthodontist. Our general dentists may refer you to an orthodontist for further treatment.

Teeth Conditions Treatment

After evaluating both your general oral health and your specific condition, our dentists can recommend the appropriate treatment. Learn more about dental treatments.

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