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The Listening Center: Cochlear Implant and Rehabilitation

The Johns Hopkins Listening Center offers a comprehensive approach to cochlear implantation and is one of the largest cochlear implant programs in the nation. Our experts represent decades of experience in a variety of disciplines including education, audiology, ear surgery, speech and language pathology, psychology and imaging technology. Our goal is to bring meaningful sound to the lives of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing through a partnership of medicine, research, technology, rehabilitation and advocacy.

Introduction to Cochlear Implantation

Charles Della Santina, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Johns Hopkins Listening Center, answers questions about what a cochlear implant is, who qualifies and what you can expect after surgery.

New Cochlear Implantation Treatment Options for Single-Sided Deafness

Learn from Johns Hopkins audiologist Steve Bowditch Au.D., M.S. about the latest application for cochlear implantation now available to patients with single-sided deafness.

Meet the specialists who have devoted their careers to caring for cochlear implant patients.

Meet Our Experts

Meet the specialists who have devoted their careers to caring for cochlear implant patients.
Appointments and Locations

Appointments and Locations

Request an appointment with The Listening Center in either Baltimore or Bethesda.

Hearing Loss Treatment E-Book

The Listening Center’s Guide to Hearing Loss Treatment

This free downloadable e-book was developed by the Listening Center to support your care.  

Joyce's Story: Cochlear Implantation

After being deaf for nearly 30 years, at age 66, Joyce was a perfect candidate for cochlear implantation. Learn how her wish to hear the voices of her children again came true following her implant and rehabilitation.