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Gender Affirming Voice Care

transgender patients reading together

The Johns Hopkins Voice Center offers interdisciplinary evaluation and interventional voice services by our expert laryngologists and voice specialized speech-language pathologists. Intervention is designed to meet the individual needs of the person who is transitioning and may include diagnostic evaluation, treatment or surgical intervention. Our team works together to assist in the voice transition. Specifically, we provide a supportive and guided environment to maximize total communication, including aspects of voice such as conversational pitch and inflection, as well as nonverbal communication.

Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation will include a case history and assessment of voice and speech prosody. All clients are initially screened for any laryngeal pathology to ensure optimal vocal fold health.

Individualized Treatment Plan

Regarding therapeutic intervention, an individualized treatment plan is created with the client based on the assessment findings and the client’s perceived needs. Some aspects the voice pathologist may choose to address include:

  • Habitual speaking pitch
  • Resonance
  • Inflection (the melodic ups and downs of the voice)
  • Rate of speech (how fast or slow the person speaks)
  • Volume/intensity
  • Articulation
  • Prosody
  • Pragmatics (social rules of communication)

Insurance coverage for voice therapy often differs among providers. It is important for the patient to be familiar with their specific contract coverage for this service.

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