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The Laboratory of Auditory Neurophysiology

Research Overview

  • Neural mechanisms underlying communication sound perception
  • Structure and function of the auditory cortex
  • Neural basis of vocal production and learning
  • Development of vocal production and perception
  • Computational neuroscience

In the News

Recent Publications    

  • DiMattina, C. and X. Wang. “Virtual vocalization stimuli for investigating neural representations of species-specific vocalizations”. Journal of Neurophysiology 95:1244-1262 (2006). 
  • Miller, C. T. and X. Wang. “Sensory-motor interactions modulate a primate vocal behavior: antiphonal calling in common marmosets”. Journal of Comparative Neurobiology A. 192:27-38 (2006). 
  • Bendor, D. and X. Wang. .The neuronal representation of pitch in primate auditory cortex..  Nature 426, 1161-1165 (2005)[News and Views
  • Wang, X., T. Lu, R.K. Snider and L. Liang. Sustained firing in auditory cortex evoked by preferred stimuli..  Nature 435: 341-346 (2005).