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Former Research Team Members

  • Elizabeth "Lizzy" Liu

    Ms. Liu provided data collection and data analysis which investigated the gait in patients with central and peripheral vestibular pathology.

  • Yoay Gimmon, P.T., Ph.D.

    Dr. Gimmon is a postdoctoral fellow involved in all aspects of research conducted at the laboratory. He is an expert in measures of gait kinematics. He collected and analyzed data as part of the SARA (Sensorimotor Assessment and Rehabilitation Apparatus) study. He examined plasticity of the VOR and the recovery of balance after vestibular implantation.

    image of Yoay Gimmon, P.T., Ph.D.
  • Charles Rohde, Ph.D.

    Dr. Rohde is a biostatistician who provided oversight of all statistical analyses.

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