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Sports Nutrition and Eating Disorders

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Nutritional Concerns for Female Athletes

Maintaining appropriate nutrition is a critical step in building a healthy foundation for athletes. Adequate nutrients help women build healthy muscles, recover from workouts and avoid injury and fatigue.

High-performance athletes often do not realize how high their caloric output can be, and many are unknowingly undernourished. In female athletes, this can lead to dangerous consequences, such as hormonal disturbances and even the weakening of the bones, which can lead to stress fractures and serious injuries.

Studies have shown that greater than one third of NCAA Division 1 female athletes have symptoms or attitudes placing them at risk for anorexia. The greatest risk is in aesthetic or endurance sports, such as gymnastics, diving and track and field. In these groups of female athletes, the rate of eating disorders is reported to be as high as 62 percent.

Our Eating Disorders Program

Johns Hopkins’ Eating Disorders Program is a nationally recognized treatment center for eating disorders. Our experts have experience in sport-specific treatments to help female athletes maintain a healthy lifestyle and training regimen so that they can stay in the game.

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