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Knee Cartilage Injury

The bones of the knee joint are lined with specialized tissue—called articular cartilage— that allows the bones to glide smoothly over each other. When any of this knee cartilage is injured due to accident, overuse or arthritis, you may find it painful to walk or play sports.


Knee Cartilage Injury: What You Need to Know

  • Many things can cause knee cartilage injury, including aging, arthritis and trauma.
  • Knee cartilage injury can make it painful to walk, jog or play sports.
  • Because articular cartilage has no blood supply, it has a limited capacity to heal following injury.
  • A minimally invasive procedure called knee arthroscopy can be used to diagnose and treat many knee cartilage injuries.

Our Physicians

Rely on the expertise of our physicians to help you manage your knee cartilage injury.

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