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Orthopaedic Surgery

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What Is a Halo?

A halo vest is an orthotic, or brace, which is used to immobilize and protect the bones in the neck known as the cervical spine or c-spine. It is used when a patient needs to immobilize the neck following an injury or surgery.

The halo vest system consists of a halo or ring, a body jacket or vest and rigid uprights or rods.

The halo is a rigid ring, closed or opened in the back, which surrounds the head and is attached by pins. There can be anywhere from four to 10 pins, depending on the type of halo being used by your physician.

Some halos are pinless, but they are used only in certain situations.

The pins are threaded through the halo into the outer portion of the skull.

The vest is plastic and sometimes lined with sheepskin. The sheepskin lies against the patient’s body or torso.

Rigid rods or “uprights” connect the halo to the vest.

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