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Orthopaedic Surgery

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Family & Friends

Be sure to prepare your family and friends by supplying them with pictures of halos or by sending them to this website.

Show your children pictures and let them ask questions.

Find out if your hospital has a child life program. This type of program will work with other children in your family to prepare them for the halo and to answer their questions as they come up.

Prepare for your child to be out of school for several months. Make arrangements with your child’s school and teacher to allow your child to do some of their schoolwork once they are feeling better.

Consider cutting your child’s hair prior to the application of the halo. This will eliminate long hair from catching in the pins, which can make removal of the halo especially painful.

Remind your visitors to always wash their hands while in the house. Also remind them that they will not be able to touch the halo or engage in rough housing once your patient comes home.

Some parents have suggested getting your child used to wearing a bib prior to surgery so it does not become a struggle once the halo is on.

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