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Orthopaedic Surgery

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Pain & Safety

Your child may have pain at the pin sites or at the surgical incisions when waking up in the recovery room with the halo and vest in place.

Pain medication will be dispensed while your child is still in the hospital, based on the doctor’s orders and individual needs.

Pills and liquid pain medication are also available and will be used at discharge. After a week or two, there should be a noticeable decrease in pain and in the need for pain medication.

A halo should not hurt, and the vest should not rub. If this occurs, contact your health provider.

Safety for the Patient with a Halo

After surgery you will be given a special screwdriver and wrench. These must be attached to the halo uprights at all times.

The screwdriver and wrench are used when removing the halo. In case of emergency, it is essential that these tools be available for prompt removal of the halo and access to the patient.

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