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Orthopaedic Surgery

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To avoid choking for small children, cut the following foods into very small pieces:

  • Grapes and other fruit
  • Hot dogs
  • Spaghetti

For older children or adolescents and adults, avoid chewing gum or laughing while eating. Be conscious of chewing thoroughly before swallowing.

Try to avoid dropping food or fluids down into the vest while eating or drinking. Crackers, crispy or flaky foods and potato chips are susceptible to this. To help prevent spilling, place a towel or a bib over the vest.

A straw may also be useful for young children who tend to tilt their head back while drinking liquids. They will not be able to do this while wearing a halo.

Eating Out

Visiting restaurants during the postoperative period is allowed. However, for both children and adults, special consideration should be given to the possibility of choking.

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