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Preparing for Your Surgery

You and your surgeon should decide together if joint replacement surgery is right for you. Our specialists partner with you to develop a health care plan to meet your individual needs. To prepare for your surgery, we will discuss:

  • Pain control
  • Infection prevention
  • Smoking cessation (if applicable)
  • Managing coexisting medical issues such as diabetes and hypertension (if applicable)

Our team will also review blood samples and require clearance from your dentist to ensure you are ready for surgery.

We also ask you to complete this list of tasks leading up to your surgery date:

  1. Select a coach
  2. Download a patient education guide
  3. Register for an educational session

Select a Coach

We suggest you select a "coach" who will help you through your joint replacement process. This person can be a family member or good friend—someone you can count on to be there to help you. Your coach will go to therapy sessions while you are in the hospital and be present during your discharge education. It is great to have someone who will support you during this time.

Download a Pre-operative Patient Education Guide

The educational guides below contain rich information on what to expect leading up to, during and after your surgery. We encourage you to review the guide at home with your coach and bring it with you to your educational session.

Attend the Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery Educational Session

We offer an informative educational session to help you and your coach prepare for your upcoming surgery. During the class, we'll review important aspects of your care and what to expect during and after your hospital stay. Topics include diet and nutrition, exercises, infection prevention, anesthesia, pain reduction program, medications, physical therapy, occupational therapy and home safety checklists. You'll be able to ask questions about what to expect during your hospital stay and recovery. Call 410-550-4972.

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