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Spinal Fusion: Richard's Story

U.S. Army veteran Richard Shetter has conquered many obstacles, but nothing took him out of commission the way his back pain did. After living with the pain for many years and not having any positive results from a prior back surgery, Rick sought a second opinion at Johns Hopkins. Soon after seeing orthopaedic spine surgeon Brian Neuman, M.D., Rick found out that his back pain was due to spondylolisthesis (slipped vertebra) and a bulging disc that contributed to radiculopathy and spinal stenosis in his lumbar spine. Rick decided to undergo a lumbar fusion surgery, leading him to be pain-free. Now, Rick is back enjoying his active lifestyle in York, Pennsylvania, with his two dogs and his wife, Abbey.

Meet Richard's Spine Specialist

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Condition and Treatment Information

Richard Shetter had several issues in his lumbar spine when he came to Johns Hopkins. They included a bulging lumbar disc, shifted vertebrae and associated nerve pain that radiated from his back into his legs. Learn more about these conditions and related treatment options.

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