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Surgery Prep

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Pre-Operative Education

Johns Hopkins offers in-person educational sessions to help you prepare for joint replacement surgery. During your class, we'll review important aspects of your care and what to expect before and after surgery. You will be able to ask questions and meet many of the staff who will be caring for you in the hospital. Learn more and register here

Informed Consent

When you are evaluated for your surgery in the clinic, your surgeon will explain the procedure and have you sign a consent form. If the surgeon feels you will benefit from an evaluation with the anesthesiologist ahead of time, it will be arranged before your surgery. Otherwise, you will meet the anesthesiologist in the holding area just before surgery.

Preadmission Testing

A preoperative examination with additional tests may be necessary. You will receive a letter with instructions of where to go and what to do to prepare you for surgery. Your surgery may require blood replacement through intravenous transfusion. If you wish to donate your own blood (autologous blood donation), you will be contacted about arrangements for the donation. Autologous blood donations are drawn approximately three weeks before your surgery.

Advance Directives

Advance directives tell us your decision regarding your acceptance or refusal of life-sustaining medical treatment. You will be given a packet when you arrive in the Ambulatory Surgical Unit and questioned about your decision. If you have advance directives, please give a copy to your nurse on the day of surgery. Packets may be obtained during your initial clinic visit.

Smoking and Alcohol

All of our offices and hospitals are smoke-free facilities. In addition, for your own health, there should be no smoking or drinking of alcohol at least 24 hours before surgery. If you require assistance with abstaining from either, please advise your surgeon. Smoking and drinking alcohol can delay the healing process. Also please remember that the use of cellular phones is prohibited inside many areas of the hospital due to the interference they cause with the electronic equipment that we use.

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