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The Rehabilitation Department consists of physical, occupational, speech, activity and recreational therapists. Rehabilitation can occur at any point of your care. You are able to see therapists as an inpatient, as an outpatient or while you are homebound. Your physician will determine which therapist you see and for how long. The rehabilitation department operates seven days a week.

Physical Therapy

Following surgery, you will be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist (PT). This may start the very next day. A PT will assist you with getting out of bed and on moving safely in accordance with the recommendations of your orthopaedic surgeon. A PT will teach you how to increase your mobility. You may require an assistive device, such as a cane, walker or crutch, to walk safely. Your therapist can make this decision based on your strength, coordination and ability to follow instructions. Upon discharge, you and your caregiver may be educated on the device to ensure confidence and understanding of your home program.

Occupational Therapist

An occupational therapist (OT) will assist you in regaining your previous level of independence. The OT will evaluate your level of functional independence and work with you to develop goals for therapy. Following surgery, a person's ability to take care of their daily living tasks can be impaired due to pain, restrictions of movement or weakness. An OT will provide you with the opportunity to perform daily living tasks safely through training in the use of adaptive equipment. You will also go through a strengthening program and learn special techniques that conserve energy. Occupational therapy will enable you to return home safely and with confidence following your orthopaedic surgery.

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