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Orthopaedic Residency Alumni


Class of 2019

Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson 

Fellowship: Sports Fellowship, American Sports Medicine Institute
Medical school: Emory University
Undergrad: Georgia Tech
Hometown: Owensboro, Ky.
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: “The best thing about our program is that it feels like a family. From the first day I stepped into this place as a sub-intern, I knew it was special because of the way residents were treating each other.”

John Thompson

John Thompson

Fellowship: Foot and Ankle Fellowship, Union Memorial Hospital
Medical school: Johns Hopkins University
Undergrad: Duke University
Hometown: Towson, Md.
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: “Hopkins is a great place to train because all subspecialties are well represented and highly recognized across the country. All of the other non-orthopaedic specialties at Hopkins are also the best in the country, and this both promotes optimal patient care for complex medical issues and also provides a broader education that you would not otherwise receive in orthopaedics. This makes me not only a better orthopaedic surgeon but also a better doctor in general.”

Clayton Alexander

Clayton Alexander

Fellowship: Hand Fellowship, York Hospital
Medical school: University of Maryland
Undergrad: University of Richmond
Hometown: Ellicott City, Md.
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: “The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery here is entering an exciting time, with a new chairman, the hiring of many new faculty and the prospect of growth across many different areas in a top-quality health system. That is one of the biggest reasons I chose Hopkins, but not the only one. The emphasis of training is very well rounded, balanced between research, clinical and surgical skills and education. In addition, the people that make up the department from my fellow residents to the faculty and staff are incredible and supportive. Lastly, Maryland has been my home for my whole life — I love the city of Baltimore and I wanted to stay.”

Itai Gans

Itai Gans

Fellowship: Sports Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania
Medical school: University of Pennsylvania
Undergrad: Penn State
Hometown: Livingston, N.J.
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: “I chose to match at Hopkins because of the great residents that I get to work with every day and I’m glad to call them my closest friends. Hopkins is a great place to train because of the great teaching and clinical experience we get as residents. There is autonomy and abundant opportunities to get involved in research, clinical work and operative care.”

Jay Reidler

Jay Reidler

Fellowship: Spine Fellowship, Columbia University
Medical school: Harvard University
Undergrad: Harvard University
Hometown: Englewood, N.J.
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: “Why Hopkins? Incredibly thoughtful, diverse and fun residents; stellar faculty members that are highly approachable and who care deeply about resident education; as an intern you have a one-month skills course, five months of research time, additional elective time and endless resources to explore any interest in orthopaedics/medicine; outstanding leadership of Drs. Ficke and LaPorte; beautiful and cutting-edge facilities; interactions with leaders in every field of medicine; lots of fun things to do in the Baltimore harbor and county; great balance of oversight and autonomy; high volume in every area of orthopaedic surgery and perhaps most importantly, a true resident-focused program.”

Brett Shannon

Brett Shannon

Fellowship: Pediatric Fellowship, Boston Children’s Hospital
Medical school: Johns Hopkins University
Undergrad: University of Notre Dame
Hometown: Sanibel, Fl.
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: “Staying at Hopkins was a great choice for my family and training. My wife started medical school here, and I joined a group of residents that challenge me daily to improve my clinical, technical and professional skills. I enjoy the opportunity to care for a variety of patients from all walks of life, from homelessness to royalty, with a wide range of problems, from simple to complex, under the supervision of expert faculty from all subspecialties of orthopaedic surgery.”

Class of 2018

Laura Atwater

Laura Atwater

Medical school: Georgetown University
Undergrad: Princeton University
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: “I wanted to come to Hopkins because I felt like I found my family in orthopedics. I knew this was the place that would help me flourish.”

Malick Bachabi

Malick Bachabi

Medical school: Georgetown University
Undergrad: University of Maryland
Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: “I decided to rank Hopkins No. 1 because of the quality of co-residents and leading mentors in their respective fields, among other reasons. As a world-renowned hospital, Johns Hopkins will allow you, as an orthopaedic surgery resident, to be exposed to both common pathologies/treatments as well as the rare ones that most trainees only get to read about.”

Mostafa El Dafrawy

Mostafa El Dafrawy

Medical school: Cairo University
Undergrad: Cairo University
Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: “I’m from Egypt and how I ended up here is a long story. The short version of that story is that I spent some time doing research with the department. During that time, I realized how great of a program this is. Forget the name and the fact that Hopkins is one of the most advanced hospitals in the world. Ignore the research, the history and the tremendous resources and facilities. What really made me want to stay were the people who work here. Having spent a few years here, I can honestly say we have the best mentors anyone could ask for. We have the most talented surgeons, and most of all, we have the smartest and hardest working residents you’ll ever meet. It’s a big privilege to train and belong here. Also, Baltimore is great and provides amazing opportunities for fun and recreation.”

Louis Okafor

Louis Okafor

Medical school: University of Rochester
Undergrad: Johns Hopkins University
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: “I think Hopkins orthopaedics is a wonderful place to train because of our diverse residency program, passionate faculty who are leaders in their respective fields and the endless opportunities our program provides its residents.”

Class of 2017

Renee Genova

Renee Genova

Fellowship: Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship, St. Louis University
Medical school: University of South Carolina
Undergrad: University of South Carolina
Specialty: Trauma
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: “I chose Hopkins for the diverse opportunities of training and the clinical and academic experiences I knew would be available to me as a JHH orthopaedic surgery resident.”

Nigel Hsu

Nigel Hsu

Fellowship: Foot and Ankle Fellowship, Union Memorial Hospital
Medical school: Johns Hopkins University
Undergrad: Dartmouth College
Hometown: Edison, New Jersey
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: “I chose Hopkins because of the well rounded clinical experience, diverse patient population and the supportive faculty. We have the opportunity to go abroad for internal electives in addition to seeing a variety of pathology in Baltimore. Finally, the residents are hardworking and collegial, which makes the experience enjoyable.”

Amit Jain

Amit Jain

Fellowship: Orthopaedic Spine Fellowship, Emory University
Medical school: Johns Hopkins University
Undergrad: University of California, Berkeley
Specialty: Spine
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: “I grew up on the West Coast and came to Baltimore seven years ago for medical school. Being at Hopkins for medical school and residency has been an incredible privilege. From interacting with amazing faculty role models to participating in cutting edge research to learning how to provide safe and compassionate care for patients, every aspect of the Hopkins journey has been amazing. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the various eateries around Baltimore with friends and spending time with my family in Oregon.”

Tina Raman

Tina Raman

Fellowship: Orthopaedic Spine Fellowship, New York University
Medical school: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Undergrad: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Specialty: Spine
Hometown: Chester, New Jersey
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: “Hopkins orthopaedics is defined by its commitment to outstanding patient care, innovative research and educational opportunities. As a resident, this multifaceted emphasis keeps you dynamic. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in cases with a high level of complexity, and the fulfilling interactions with patients in the perioperative period.”

Class of 2016

Jaysson Brooks and family

Jaysson Brooks

Fellowship: Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery Fellowship, Rady Childrens Hospital of San Diego
Medical school: Loma Linda University
Undergrad: Oakwood University
Specialty: Pediatric orthopaedics
Hometown: Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Why choose Johns Hopkins: “The best part about training at Hopkins is that the name isn't what makes it great, but the work ethic of the individual people. For an academic program, it has very few fellows, meaning residents are able to learn often one-on-one from the masters in their field. The diversity also drew me in, as no other academic program had as many minority and female residents, as evidenced by the current class makeup. I also love the mission opportunities — I did a lot of missionary work in college and medical school, and Hopkins not only encouraged us to do international mission work but provided us the time and funding to do so. An finally, I loved the research opportunities. The Welch Library has every journal or book you could ever think of, and if it’s not physically there, the library can get it for you with a simple click of a button online. In addition, you are assigned a research mentor when you start, and these mentors truly guide you and help to mold you into becoming a surgeon-scientist.”

Thomas Kim

Thomas Kim

Fellowship: Hand and Upper Extremity Fellowship, Brown University 
Medical school: Georgetown University
Undergrad: University of California, Berkeley
Specialty: Hand
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Why choose Johns Hopkins? “I made many good friends during my Hopkins ortho residency. This is what made this residency so great for me — the caliber of the people in it with you for five years and beyond.”

Karthikeyan Ponnusamy

Karthikeyan Ponnusamy

Fellowship: Adult Reconstruction Fellowship, University of Western Ontario
Medical school: Stanford University
Undergrad: Johns Hopkins University
Specialty: Adult reconstruction
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Why choose Johns Hopkins? “I wanted to come back to Hopkins because of the excellent teaching spirit. As a sub-intern, I remember everyone from interns to attendings focused on making sure everyone was learning and helping each other to improve. as a resident, I tried to continue that spirit and enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow residents.”

Adam Shaner

Adam Shaner

Fellowship: Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship, Hospital for Special Surgery
Medical school: Johns Hopkins University
Undergrad: University of Kansas
Specialty: Trauma
Hometown: Manhattan, Kansas
Why choose Johns Hopkins? 
“Hopkins has always been a solid program, for all fronts. Although much of our program is new in terms of faculty and rotations, there has always been an emphasis on operative experience at all levels with our attendings, who are masters in their fields. The resources and clinical experience are unmatched, and the entire residency is one of the most diverse.”

Sophia Strike

Sophia Strike

Fellowship: Harvard Hand/Upper Extremity Fellowship, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Medical school: Johns Hopkins University
Undergrad: Duke University
Specialty: Hand
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Why choose Johns Hopkins? “Hopkins offers a breadth of clinical exposures that is invaluable when training. And I love living in a city that offers both the charm of a small city and the culture of a large one."

Class of 2015

Andres O’Daly 

Fellowship: Foot and Ankle, University of Alabama, Birmingham
Current Practice: private practice, Florida

Andrea Spiker 

First Fellowship: Sports Medicine, Hospital for Special Surgery 
Second Fellowship: Joint Preservation, Hospital for Special Surgery

Savya Thakkar 

Fellowship: Joints, New York University
Current Practice: faculty, Georgetown University

Ariel Williams 

Fellowship: Sports Medicine, University of Connecticut; Hand, Johns Hopkins University
Current Practice: 
faculty, University of Minnesota

Class of 2014

Rishi Balkissoon 

Fellowship: Joints, Rush University
Current Practice: faculty, University of Rochester

Johnathan Bernard 

Fellowship: Sports Medicine, Hospital for Special Surgery
Current Practice: p
rivate practice, Virginia

Ashvin Dewan 

Fellowship: Sports Medicine, Washington Universityin St. Louis
Current Practice:  private practice, Texas

David Macias 

Fellowship: Foot and Ankle, St. Alphonsus Medical Center
Current Practice: private practice, Mississippi

Emmanuel Menga 

Fellowship: Spine, New York University
Current Practice: faculty, University of Texas at San Antonio

Eric Tan 

Fellowship: Foot and Ankle, Union Memorial Hospital
Current Practice: faculty, University of Southern California

Class of 2013

Hamid Hassanzadeh 

Fellowship: Spine, Rush University
Current Practice: faculty, University of Virginia

Casey Humbyrd 

Fellowship: Foot and Ankle, Mercy Medical Center
Current Practice: faculty, Johns Hopkins University

Jay Lee 

Fellowship: Pediatrics, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
Current Practice: faculty, Johns Hopkins University

Sergiy Nesterenko 

Fellowship: Spine, Cleveland Clinic
Current Practice: private practice, Texas

Ben Stein 

Fellowship: Foot and Ankle, Union Memorial Hospital
Current Practice: 
private practice, Washington, DC

Alan Yan 

Fellowships: Foot and Ankle, Duke University; Trauma, University of Minnesota
Current Practice: faculty, Creighton University

Class of 2012

Stuart Myers 

Fellowship: Foot and Ankle, Union Memorial Hospital
Current Practice: 
private practice, Colorado

David Oji 

Fellowship: Foot and Ankle, Union Memorial Hospital
Current Practice: private practice, California

Kristoff Reid 

Fellowship: Trauma, Duke University
Current Practice: Medical University of South Carolina

Thomas Ring 

Fellowship: Joints, State University of New York at Buffalo 
Current Practice: 
private practice, Pennsylvania

Nima Salari 

Fellowship: Spine, Stanford Univeristy
Current Practice: private practice, Arizona

Class of 2011

Joseph Gjolaj 

Fellowship: Spine, University of Miami
Current Practice: faculty: University of Miami

James Johnston 

Fellowship: Joints, Mayo Clinic
Current Practice: private practice, Maine

Addisu Mesfin 

Fellowship: Spine, Washington University in St. Louis
Current Practice: 
faculty, University of Rochester

Ben Petre 

Fellowship: Sports Medicine, Steadman Clinic, Colorado
Current Practice: private practice, Maryland

Miho Tanaka 

Fellowship: Sports Medicine, Hospital for Special Surgery
Current Practice: Faculty, Johns Hopkins University