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Resident Class of 2025 (PGY-2)

  • Wesley Durand, M.D.

    Medical School: The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
    Undergraduate School: Brown University
    Hometown: Manchester, NH
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "I chose Johns Hopkins for the incredible community of uniquely talented, driven and kind individuals. It went without saying that Johns Hopkins offered robust clinical training and near-unlimited academic opportunity -- that such an environment could be found among such fantastic people made it an easy decision."
    Wesley Durand
  • Marc Greenberg, M.D.

    Medical School: Mayo Clinic
    Undergraduate School: Occidental College Los Angeles
    Hometown: Washington, DC
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "I chose Johns Hopkins for a couple of reasons, the most important of which was the emphasis on putting the patient’s needs first. The Orthopedic program emphasizes early operative experience, ample mentorship opportunities and a focus on resident education. Culturally speaking, the attendings and residents have created an excellent environment to both learn from and take care of patients."
    Marc Greenberg
  • Andrew Harris, M.D.

    Medical School: University of Florida College of Medicine
    Undergraduate School: The University of Florida
    Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "I chose Johns Hopkins because of the world-class and diverse operative experience, unparalleled opportunities for research and wonderful group of residents who treat each other like family - I believe that this balance of qualities is unique among orthopaedic surgery residency programs and was exactly what I was looking for in my training. In addition, Baltimore is an incredible city with a rich history, vibrant scene of restaurants/breweries and plenty of outdoor activities. Lastly, my sub-internship on the pediatric orthopaedics service at Johns Hopkins was by far my favorite clinical experience of medical school and that experience really solidified my decision to train here."
    Andrew Harris
  • Christa LiBrizzi, M.D.

    Medical School: Johns Hopkins University
    Undergraduate School: North Carolina State University
    Hometown: Stony Brook, NY
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "The Johns Hopkins family has a robust history of excellence in patient care, mentorship and research throughout all subspecialties. While in medical school and now in residency, I have constantly been surrounded by individuals who push the envelope daily to better our patients’ lives. I chose Johns Hopkins for my orthopaedic surgery residency for the incredible mentors who guided and challenged me to be the absolute best possible physician for my patients. I firmly believe the Johns Hopkins orthopaedic surgery family is unprecedented in their approach to education and mentorship and are cultivating an unparalleled generation of orthopaedic surgeons."
    Christa LiBrizzi
  • Majd Marrache, M.D.

    Medical School: American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine
    Undergraduate School: American University of Beirut, Lebanon
    Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "I chose Johns Hopkins Orthopedic Surgery for several reasons: the incredible mentorship, the role models and the opportunity to work with leaders in the field on cutting-edge research. However, the biggest factor that drew me to the program was the residents! The comradery and the familial relationship among the Orthopedic residents at John Hopkins are unparalleled. I am lucky to be part of the Hopkins family!"
    Majd Marrache
  • Jacob Mikula, M.D.

    Medical School: Oregon Health & Science university School of Medicine
    Undergraduate School: University of Oregon
    Hometown: Eugene, OR
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "Johns Hopkins was my top choice for residency for three reasons: the people, the opportunities and the training. First, it was immediately apparent that the residents and faculty at Johns Hopkins are a tight-knit family. Second, there are endless opportunities for research and academic enrichment, so residents can get as much out of residency as they want. Finally, Johns Hopkins offers an incredibly strong operative experience at an academic powerhouse, which creates a very special training environment."
    Jacob Mikula
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