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Resident Class of 2024 (PGY-2)

  • Rachel Bronheim, M.D.

    Medical school: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
    Undergraduate school: Princeton University
    Hometown: New York, New York
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "I chose the Johns Hopkins Department of Orthopaedics for a myriad of reasons: the great operative experience, the educational philosophy and the high quality and variety of research opportunities and resources. But most of all, I chose Johns Hopkins for the people. From the moment I arrived on my interview day, I felt welcome and that the leadership was invested in my success and development as an orthopaedic surgeon. This department truly does feel like a family, and I'm so grateful to be a part of it!"
    portrait of Rachel Bronheim
  • Ryan Guilbault, M.D.

    Medical school: Mercer University School of Medicine
    Undergraduate school: University of Georgia
    Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "After meeting the residents and faculty that I would be spending the better part of the next five years with, I knew I had found a special place. My co-residents not only inspire me to become a better surgeon but are also people I enjoy spending time with inside and outside of the hospital. I feel lucky to train with them at an institution with a storied medical education history, a sustained record of practice-altering research and a faculty that supports each of our unique professional goals."
    portrait of Ryan Guilbault
  • Claire McDaniel, M.D.

    Medical school: Georgetown University School of Medicine
    Undergraduate school: Georgetown University
    Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "I chose to come to Johns Hopkins because I was privileged enough to see the program as a sub-intern, which was an amazing experience. I loved the cohesiveness of the residents, the attending physicians' passion for teaching and the breadth and complexity of the pathologies that are seen by Orthopaedics at Johns Hopkins. I was looking for a residency program that balances impressive surgical exposure, research and camaraderie, and in Johns Hopkins I was able to find the perfect fit."
    portrait of Claire McDaniel
  • Farah Musharbash, M.D.

    Medical school: Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
    Undergraduate school: McGill University
    Hometown: Amman, Jordan
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "Johns Hopkins certainly lives up to its rich history as a world leader in clinical care, research and education. Most importantly however, I chose to come to Johns Hopkins because of the people here. The faculty, residents and staff that I met both during my sub-internship rotation and interview are some of the most supportive and collegial individuals I know and are fully dedicated to both resident education and patient care. It certainly makes it the ideal place for residency training."
    portrait of Farah Musharbash
  • Micheal Raad, M.D.

    Medical school: American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine
    Undergraduate school: American University of Beirut
    Hometown: Greenacre, Australia
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "I chose orthopaedic surgery at Johns Hopkins for the immersive educational experience, the daily interactions with world-class experts and the abundant resources available for cutting-edge research. Above all, I find myself lucky to be surrounded by some of the best residents and mentors one can ask for!"
    portrait of Michael Raad
  • Davis Rogers, M.D.

    Medical school: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
    Undergraduate school: University of Mississippi
    Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "Not only are we trained on a daily basis by national experts in the field of orthopaedics, we are privileged to experience the practice of medicine alongside internationally-respected physicians in all specialties; no diagnosis is too complex or uncommon to be treated here. In addition, my experiences with the residents in this department, both in and out of the hospital, provide a sense of support and camaraderie that allows us to balance the challenges of training."
    portrait of Davis Rogers
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