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Resident Class of 2023 (PGY-4)

Image of class of 2023
  • Jarred Bressner, M.D.

    Medical School: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
    Undergraduate School: The Johns Hopkins University
    Hometown: Allentown, Pennsylvania
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "I think one of the best things about Johns Hopkins is the opportunities, whether it be incredible breadth of clinical pathology, research in anything you can dream up, opportunities to get involved with cutting edge engineering or the ability to participate in public health on both the global and local scale. The resources available to a resident at Johns Hopkins are endless. Not only is it exciting to look at the people paving the way for the future of medicine and orthopaedics, it is also incredibly inspiring to think about the history of Hopkins. Osler, Halsted, Welch, Kelly, Blalock, Cushing — the founders of modern medicine and surgery have all walked the same halls we are privileged to walk every day and every time I walk through the Dome I can't help but feel inspired. I think this is one of the really powerful things about training at Johns Hopkins."
    headshot of Jarred Bressner
  • Megan Hsu, M.D.

    Medical school: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
    Undergraduate school: University of Notre Dame (B.A. in liberal arts and Chinese)
    Hometown: Rochester, Indiana
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "After meeting the residents and faculty on my interview day, I knew that this was a special place. Whether your passion is biomedical ethics, research, global outreach, public health or medical illustration, this is a place with abundant resources where your unique interests are not only cultivated, but celebrated. I chose to train at Johns Hopkins because I aspire to become a well-rounded orthopaedic surgeon alongside co-residents who inspire me every day with their genuine interest and desire to take ownership of every aspect of patient care."
    portrait of Mega Hsu
  • Tim Kreulen, M.D.

    Medical school: Duke University School of Medicine
    Undergraduate school: Duke University (chemistry)
    Hometown: Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "I wanted to match at a residency with a strong operative experience, cohesive group of residents and opportunities for research. As a sub-I, I was able to see firsthand that Johns Hopkins is exceptional in each of these areas. I feel very lucky to go to work with such smart, hardworking and fun people every day."
    portrait of Tim Kreulen
  • Adam Margalit, M.D.

    Medical School: SUNY Downstate Medical Center
    Undergraduate School: City University of New York School of Medicine
    Hometown: Staten Island, New York
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "I could not be happier to be training at Johns Hopkins. After spending a year with the department as the Poggi Pediatric Orthopaedic Research Fellow, I knew that I would not want to train anywhere but here. I am able to surround myself with a diverse patient population, an excellent educational experience and innovative research opportunities. Daily, I am challenged to excel by my peers and supported by my mentors. Putting aside the large name and its history, what really made me want to stay here is the people and the strong sense of family."
    headshot of Adam Margalit
  • Tuo Peter Li, M.D., Ph.D.

    Medical school: University of Maryland, Baltimore
    Undergraduate school: The Johns Hopkins University, (B.S. in biomedical engineering)
    Hometown: Hunan, China, and Howard County, Maryland
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "I chose Johns Hopkins for many reasons: kind and inspiring leadership; collegial and down-to-earth residents/staff who put patients first; quality and proximity of diverse training locations, which expose trainees to a wide spectrum of clinical experience; and diversity and richness of orthopaedic and non-orthopaedic expertise, which fosters innovation. Simply put, the people here feel like family, and the program produces leaders in this field. I feel truly privileged to be a part of this residency."
    portrait of Tuo Peter Li
  • Samir Sabharwal, M.D., M.P.H.

    Medical school: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
    Undergraduate school: Dartmouth College (B.A. in history)
    Hometown: Chatham, New Jersey
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "It feels special coming to work every day to an institution so deeply engrained in the development of modern academic medicine. We have a great cohort of residents, strong faculty and leadership, and a broad, well-rounded operative and clinical experience."
    portrait of Samir Sabharwal
  • Brian Sullivan, M.D.

    Medical school: Medical College of Georgia
    Undergraduate school: University of Georgia
    Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "I was interested in finding a program that offered a strong clinical focus with balanced didactics and research opportunities. I desired a program where the attending physicians and residents were passionate about the field, took pride in their program and always strived for improvement. Johns Hopkins has exceeded my expectations in each of those areas. Most importantly, the group of residents and faculty feels like family, making Baltimore an easy place to call home."
    portrait of Brian Sullivan
  • Adi Wollstein, M.D.

    Medical school: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
    Undergraduate school: University of Michigan (B.A. in political science, communications, environmental science)
    Hometown: Jerusalem, Israel
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: "It was evident from my very first interactions that Johns Hopkins is a truly special place that values education, mentorship and teamwork. Those first impressions are reinforced every day, and I am more confident than ever that I can grow to become the best physician, surgeon and colleague I can be here."
    portrait of Adi Wollstein
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