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Due to interest in the COVID-19 vaccines, we are experiencing an extremely high call volume. Please understand that our phone lines must be clear for urgent medical care needs. We are unable to accept phone calls to schedule COVID-19 vaccinations at this time. When this changes, we will update this website. Our vaccine supply remains limited. Read all COVID-19 Vaccine Information.

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Grand Rounds Calendar

All events will take place in JHOC 5152 unless otherwise indicated.

January-June (pdf)

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January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December

August | September | October | November | December

June 2019

 6 - 6:30 AM7 - 8 AM8 AM11 AM11:45 AM12 PM6 PM
6/6Faculty MeetingM&MTrauma - 5 (Humbyrd/Dunham): Fractures of Talus, Clac, midfoot, forefootResident - Orthobullets ExamChief - Ficke MeetingMed Student Ortho Education 
6/13 GR-Casey Humbyrd, M.D. - SchafferTBD - AzizResident Case Discussions Med Student Ortho Education 
6/14Chief Graduation DayChief Research TalksChief Graduation DayOrtho Chief Graduation Dinner 6:00 PM - George Peabody Library
6/20 Resident Research RoundsTBD - Bitzer  Med Student Ortho Education 
6/27 GR-Amit Jain, M.D. - SchafferTeam STEPPS    

May 2019

 6 - 6:30 AM7 - 8 AM8 AM9 AM11 AM11:45 AM12 PM6:30 PM
5/2Faculty MeetingM&M Lab: Spine (Alpha Center) Chief - Ficke MeetingMed Student Ortho Education 
5/9 Peter Mack Lecture - Brian Cole, M.D. SchafferPeter Mack TBD Resident - Orthobullets Exam Med Student Ortho Education 
5/16 Resident Research RoundsLab: Knee Arthroscopy (Alpha Center)   Med Student Ortho Education 
5/23 GR - Sophie Strike, M.D. - SchafferShoulder/Elbow -2 (Loeb): Arthroplasty and Arthrodesis of the Elbow (101-103) Town Hall Mtg w/Admin Med Student Ortho EducationJournal Club - Dr. Shafiq
5/30 Bone Growth and Development - Dr. Wan (JHOC 5152)TBD - (Bressner)   Med Student Ortho Education 

April 2019

 6 - 6:30 AM7 - 8 AM8 AM11 AM11:45 AM12 PM6:30 PM
4/4 Wenz Lecture - Carlos Lavernia, M.D. - BayviewWenz Lab (Alpha Center) Chief - Ficke MeetingMed Student Ortho Education 
4/11Faculty MeetingM&MPeds - 4 (Margalit): Hip FAI, PAO, Perthes [JT]; Peds Knee (discoid meniscus, OCD, Osgood Schlatter, patellar instability) [JT or RJL]; Peds Hindfoot deformities, Peds Mid/forefoot deformities (tarsal coalition, accessory navicular, planovalgus, osteochondroses, adolescent bunion) [CS]Resident - Orthobullets Exam Med Student Ortho Education 
4/18 Grand Rounds – Alex Johnson – SchafferSports - 4 (Puvanesarajah): ACL and PCL Injuries (126-137)Resident Case Discussions Med Student Ortho EducationJournal Club - (Tentative - TBD)
4/25 Resident Research Rounds in JHOC 5152Oncology - 2 (Nayar): Malignant Bone TumorTBD Med Student Ortho EducationJournal Club - (Tentative - TBD)

March 2019

 6 - 6:30 AM7 - 8 AM 8 AM11 AM11:45 AM12 PM6:30 PM
3/7Faculty MeetingM&MLab: Upper Extremity Trauma - Alpha Center Chief - Ficke MeetingMed Student Ortho Education 
3/14 Nerve Growth, Injury, Repair - Brushart, JHOC 5152Rehab (Bressner); Amputations, Prosthetics, OrthoticsResident Case Discussions   
3/21 Resident Research RoundsHand – 3 (Patten): Hand fractures (Katz), Tendon lacerations (EGD)Oncology Case Discussion Med Student Ortho Education 
3/28 Reid Lecture - Ginger Emily Holt, M.D.Research UpdatesTown Hall Mtg w/Admin Med Student Ortho EducationJournal Club

February 2019

 7 - 8 AM8 AM11 AM12 PM6:30 PM
2/14GR - Brett Shannon, Chief Resident - SchafferSpine - 3 (Zhu); TL Trauma (213-214)TBDMed Student Ortho Education 
2/21Resident Research RoundsSports - 3 (MacKenzie); Shoulder instabilityResident - Orthobullets Exam; Chief-LaPorteMed Student Ortho EducationJournal Club - Dr. LaPorte
2/28McFarland Lecture - Dr. Randall Marcus Town Hall Mtg w/AdminMed Student Ortho Education 

June 2018

6/7Faculty MeetingM&MTrauma 5 ‐ Jarred 
6/14 Oni ‐ GR Schaffer 
6/16  Andy Burgess ‐ GraduationGraduation Chief Lectures
6/21  Research Updates 
6/28 Cliff Jeng ‐ GR Schaffer TeamSTEPPS

May 2018

5/3 Peter Mack  ‐ NunleyDr. Nunley with Residents
5/10Faculty MeetingM&MSpine Lab ‐ Raj/ Jay and Louis
5/17  Research UpdatesSports 4 ‐ Brett 
5/24  Papp ‐ GR SchafferFlexible‐ Faculty evals, etc. 
5/31  Peds 4 ‐ JimmyOncology cases

April 2018

4/5 Wenz Lecture and Lab
4/12Faculty MeetingFaculty MeetingHand 3 
4/19  Research UpdatesTrauma 4 
4/26  Cheif ‐ GR SchafferOncology 3 

March 2018

3/1 Reid LectureReid Speaker with Residents
3/8AAOS Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana  March 7‐10th, 2018
3/15  Research UpdatesTrauma Lab
3/22  Brushart ‐ GR SchafferRehab ‐ Diana 
3/29 Chief ‐  GR JHOC 5152Sports 3 ‐ Itai Oncology cases

February 2018

2/1Faculty MeetingM&MF&A Lab ‐ Floreana w/Louis
2/8 McFarland LectureMcFarland Speaker with Residents
2/15 Research UpdatesOnc 2 ‐ Adam 
2/22  Chief ‐ GR SchafferSpine 3‐ Varun  

January 2018

1/4Faculty MeetingM&MPeds 3 Sandesh 
1/11  Schaefer ‐ GR SchafferShoulder Lab 

Research Updates

Trauma 3 ‐ Bo 
1/25  Chief ‐ GR SchafferSpine 2 ‐ Raj Oncology cases
1/25 6 p.m.


Robinson Lecture

December 2017

12/7Faculty MeetingM&MHand Lab
Weekend Interview Weekend‐December 8th, 9th, & 10th
12/14 Stein‐Finerman LectureStein‐Finerman Speaker with Residents
12/21   Recon 2‐Suresh 
12/28Happy Holidays

November 2017

11/2Faculty MeetingM&MSports 2‐LoebOncology review
11/9 Bobby Brumbeck GR‐SchafferTrauma Lab
11/11Saturday All Day


11/16   Recon 1 Floreana 
11/30   Hand 2‐Jay 

October 2017

10/5  Riley‐Kristin ArcherSpeaker with Residents
10/12Faculty MeetingM&MDidactics session, basic science with Dr.Kominsky
10/19   F&A 2‐Ian 
10/26  Levin‐GR SchafferTrauma 2‐Allie 

September 2017

9/7Faculty MeetingM&M    
9/14  Tim Johnson‐GRSchafferTumor Day at UMD 

RAO‐Mary O'Connor

Speaker with ResidentsOrthobullets examOncology cases
9/28  Visiting Shoulder Fellows‐GR SchafferShoulder 1‐Best 

August 2017

8/3Faculty MeetingM&MPeds 1‐Varun‐Orthobullets testOrthobullets test
8/8TuesFaculty Development    

Dellon‐GR Schaffer

F&A 1‐KeithDerek Moore with residents
8/17   Sports 1‐Jimmy 
8/24  Petersen ‐GR SchafferSpine 1‐Bitzer‐‐Orthobullets testOrthobullets test 
8/31 Faculty DevelopmentTrauma 1‐Sandesh5th Thurs activity

July 2017

7/6  Resident Education:LAB: CASTING SPLINTING Alpha Center
7/13  Dr. Andrea Spiker: "What is Hip Preservation and Who Needs it?"

Resident Education: LAB: AO BASICS‐‐EX‐FIX, LAB SCREWS Alpha Center

7/27   Hand 1 

June 2017

6/8  Dr. Andrea Spiker: "What is Hip Preservation and Who Needs it?"    

Baer Lecture & Biennial

6/9  Francine & John Hsu 

Robert Johnson

Resident Graduation - Dr. Paul Tornetta Guest Speaker

6/22Faculty MeetingDr. Dixit (Schaffer Auditorium)M&M   
6/29  Research Updates    

May 2017

5/11  Peter Mack / Dr. Shawn O'Driscoll    
5/18  Dr. Tina Raman    
5/25Faculty MeetingResearch UpdatesM&M   

April 2017

4/6  Wenz Lecture    
4/13  Dr. Brushart (Schaffer Auditorium)    
4/20  Research Updates    
4/27Faculty MeetingDr. Amit JainM&M   

March 2017

3/9  Reid Lecture    
3/16  AAOS Annual Meeting, San Deigo, California  MARCH 14-18 
3/23  Dr. Nigel Hsu    
3/30   7:15 AM Surgery Combined Grand Rounds-Safety Culture (Turner Auditorium)    

February 2017

2/2  McFarland Lecture    
2/9   7:15 AM Surgery Combined Grand Rounds - Safety Culture (Turner Auditorium)    
2/16  Research Updates    
2/23Faculty MeetingDr. Reneé GenovaM&M   

January 2017

1/12  Dr. Byank (Schaffer Auditorium)    
1/19  Research Updates    
1/19  Robinson Lecture - Evening Program - Dr. John Kelly
1/26Faculty MeetingDr. Randy Davis (Schaffer Auditorium)M&M   

December 2016

12/1  NO GRAND ROUNDSHand: Peds HandHand: Brachial Plexus InjuryHand: Tendon TransfersTOTS
 Interview Weekend - Dec 2nd, 3rd, & 4th
12/8  Stein Finerman / Dr. Regis O'Keefe    
12/15  NO GRAND ROUNDS    
12/22Faculty MeetingDr. Forsberg (Schaffer Auditorium)M&M   
12/29Winter Break

November 2016

11/3  NO GRAND ROUNDSHand: Scaphoid Fracture, Keinbock, Carpal InstabilityHand: DJD of the hand/wristHand: DRUJ/TFCC injuriesScientific Writing/Process
11/10  Dr. Keith Segalman (Schaffer Auditorium)TRAUMA: Distal Femur and Tibial Plateau FracturesTRAUMA: LE long bone fracturesTRAUMA: Open FractureRESIDENT AS TEACHER: Antibiotics and Anticoagulants
11/12  OITE EXAM for Residents
11/24Thanksgiving Holiday

October 2016

10/6   NO GRAND ROUNDS   Scientific Writing/Process
10/13   Lee Riley Lecture      Lee Riley Lecturer Lee Riley Lecturer 
10/20  UMD Tumor Symposium -- University of Maryland School of Medicine
10/27Faculty MeetingDr. Sponseller (Schaffer Auditorium)M&MF&A: Forefoot DeformityF&A: Cavovarus/CMTF&A: F&A tendinopathy: (Tib Ant, Peroneal, Achilles)

September 2016

9/1  NO GRAND ROUNDSTRAUMA: Hip Fractures   
9/8  7:15 AM Surgery Combined Grand Rounds-Safety Culture (Turner Auditorium)PEDS: Peds LE Exam and Gait analysis; LE Rotational DisordersPEDS: Peds Foot/Ankle eformities (Clubfoot, Tarsal Coalition, Osteochondroses, Planovalgus)PEDS: Cerebral Palsy and tendon releases/transfersRESIDENT AS TEACHER: Tibial Bowing, Blount's
9/15  NO GRAND ROUNDSMS1 Anatomy Lab Sessions
9/22Faculty MeetingDr. Shadpour & Dr. Zikria (Schaffer Auditorium)M&MSHOULDER: Frozen Shoulder, Calcific TendonitisSHOULDER/ELBOW: Instability/labral pathologySHOULDER/ELBOW: Rotator Cuff Tears

August 2016

8/4  Faculty DevelopmentPeds: Peds InfectionsPeds Hip -- DDH, Coxa Vara, SCFE, ChondrolysisPeds Hip/Knee TraumaScientific Writing/Process
8/11  Dr. Ficke (Schaffer Auditorium)SPINE: Lumbar Stenosis, SpondylolisthesisSPINE: Disc DiseaseSPINE: Infections 
8/18   JEOPARDYDemehri Imaging (Knee)Fritz Imaging (Ankle)RESIDENT AS TEACHER: Hand Infections
8/25Faculty MeetingDr. Stephen Weber (Schaffer Auditorium)M&MRecon: Soft Tissue Balancing of the HipRecon: OsteonecrosisPATHOLOGY

July 2016

7/7   Resident Education:  LAB: CASTING SPLINTING Alpha Center  
7/14  Resident Education:  LAB: COMPARTMENT SYNDROME / FASCIOTOMY Alpha CenterSyndrome / Emergencies  
7/21  Resident Education:  LAB: AO BASICS -- EX-FIX, LAB SCREWS Alpha Center 
7/28Faculty MeetingM&MTeamSTEPPS

June 2016

6/2  NO GRAND ROUNDSResident Education
Robert Peroutka, M.D.
“Arthroplasty From Evolution to Transformation”
Clinical Assosciate
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
Resident Education
6/11  Resident Day
J.A. "Tony" Herring, M.D.
Chief of Staff Emeritus
Texas Scottish Right Hospital for Children
6/16 Education CommitteeBen Stein, M.D.Resident Education
6/23Faculty MeetingAmit Jain, M.D.
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
M&MResident Education
6/30  Research Update: Mitchell, Reidler, ShannonResident Education

May 2016

5/5  NO GRAND ROUNDSResident Education
Mack Lecture
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
Resident Education
5/19 Education CommitteeResearch Update: Atwater, Alexander, GansResident Education
5/26Faculty MeetingAdam Shaner, M.D.
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
M&MResident Education

April 2016

4/7  Wenz Lecture
Dr. Aaron Rosenberg
Location: Bayview - Richard A. Grossi Auditorium
Resident Education
Richard A. Schaefer, M.D., M.P.H.
Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins Orthopaedic Surgery
"Orthopaedic Surgery in Afghanistan"
Resident Education
4/21 Education CommitteeResearch Update: Okafor, Thompson, JayaramanResident Education
4/28Faculty MeetingSophie Strike, M.D.
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
M&MResident Education

March 2016

Orlando, Fl
Dr. Thomas Kim
"Hand and Wrist Injuries in Elite Athletes"
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
Resident Education
3/17  Research Update: Bachabi, El Dafrawy, JohnsonResident Education
3/24Faculty MeetingM&MReid Lecture
Mark C. Gebhardt, M.D.
Professor, Harvard Medical School
"Who in Their Right Mind Would Become a Tumor Surgeon"
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
Resident Education
3/31 Education CommitteeKarthik PonnusamyM&MResident Education

February 2016

2/4  McFarland Lecture
Homer Rice, M.D.
Resident Education
Tim Johnson, M.D.
National Sports Medicine Institute
Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
"Shoulder Instability"
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
Resident Education
2/18 Education CommitteeResearch Updates: Jain, Raman, GohResident Education
2/25Faculty MeetingJaysson Brooks, M.D.
"Receiving the 'Pink Slip': What Orthopaedic Surgery Educators Can Learn from Attrition in Graduate Medical Education"
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
M&MResident Education

January 2016

1/7  NO GRAND ROUNDSResident Education
Carol Morris, M.D.
Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
Resident Education
1/21 Education CommitteeResearch Update: Raman, WangResident Education
2016 Robinson Lecture
6 PM - Reception
7 PM - Lecture
1/28Faculty MeetingNobuhiko Sugano, M.D.
"Optimal alignment of implants in THA"
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
M&MResident Education

August 2015

(Week 1)
  Resident Education
(Week 2)
  Robert Sterling, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins
"Giving Effective Feedback"
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
Resident Education
(Week 3)
 Education CommitteeResident Education
(Week 4)
Faculty MeetingMiho Tanaka, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins
"Women's Sports Medicine: What is it and why should we care?"
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
M&MResident Education

September 2015

(Week 1)
  Resident Education
(Week 2)
Grand Rounds
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
Resident Education
(Week 3)
 Education CommitteeResident Education
(Week 4)
Faculty MeetingEdward McFarland, M.D.
Professor, Johns Hopkins
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
M&MResident Education

October 2015

(Week 1)
  Resident Education
(Week 2)
Dr. John Elias
"Evaluating Patellar Instability through Biomechanical Simulation and Patellar Tracking"
Resident Education
(Week 3)
 Education CommitteeResident Education
(Week 4)
Faculty MeetingHarpal Khanuja, M.D.
Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins
"Hip and Knee Arthroplasty: The Hopkins Perspective"
M&MResident Education
(Week 4)
  Resident Education

November 2015

(Week 1)
  Grand Rounds: Chinese Visiting FacultyResident Education
(Week 2)
Derek Papp, M.D.
"The Tommy John Epidemic"
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
Resident Education
(Week 3)
  OITE Exam
(Week 3)
 Education CommitteeRisk ManagementResident Education
(Week 4)
Thanksgiving Holiday

December 2015

(Week 1)
  NO GRAND ROUNDSResident Education
(Week 2)
Dr. Bobby Chabbra
Location: Schaffer Auditorium
Resident Education
Interview Weekend: Dec. 11, 12 and 13th
(Week 3)
 Education CommitteeNO GRAND ROUNDSResident Education
(Week 4)
Winter Holiday
(Week 5)
Winter Holiday
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